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12-24-13, 12:52 AM
The Born “Gay” Hoax
By 1985, the pro-sodomy movement The born “gay” hoax was invented in 1985 by Marshall Kirk and Dr. Hunter Madsen. Marshall Kirk graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University in 1980 majoring in psychology and went on to become a writer and researcher in neuropsychiatry. Dr. Hunter Madsen earned a PhD in politics from Harvard University in 1985, then went on to become an expert on public persuasion tactics, social marketing, and has designed commercial marketing on Madison Avenue. He has also served as a consultant to pro-sodomy media campaigns across America.

In 1985, Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen co-authored an article entitled The Gay Agenda in a pro-sodomy magazine called Christopher Street. In short, the article emphasized the strategic importance of shifting the central issue in the debate over “homosexuality” away from sodomy and toward a sexual pseudo-identity called “gay.” The goal of The Gay Agenda was to force opponents of sodomy into a position where they would be seen as attacking the civil rights of so-called “gay” citizens, rather than opposing a specific antisocial behavior. The Gay Agenda also briefly outlined the strategy that would eventually be used to convince the public that individuals are born “gay.”
Initially, there was no enthusiasm for The Gay Agenda within the pro-sodomy movement. In fact, many activists considered the proposed strategy degrading because they viewed “rights related to sexuality as analogous to the constitutional rights to association, expression, or religion.”[1] Initially, there were strong reservations in against adopting the strategy. However, these initial reservations would not last for long.

In 1986 the pro-sodomy movement lost Bowers v. Hardwick (http://www.oyez.org/cases/1980-1989/1985/1985_85_140); the United States Supreme Court case which upheld the rights of individual states to criminalize sodomy. The loss was devastating. Desperate, angry, and galvanized pro-sodomy activists learned that if they could make a compelling case that they were born “gay,” they could become eligible for “Minority Status” as a “Suspect Class” under the 1964 Civil Rights Act. If Minority Status were granted, it would force the courts to overturn Bowers v. Hardwick, thus legalizing sodomy. It must be noted however, that the Civil Rights Act recognizes Minority Status only for those groups who:

1) Have suffered a long history of discrimination
2) Are powerless to help themselves as a community
3) Are born that way
(Source/More (http://www.freewebs.com/theborngayhoax/theborngayhoax.htm))

This is in the Religious History forum because the "Deviate Sexual Fetish Promotion Movement" called "the Gay Movement" or the "Homosexual Agenda" is a religious movement in disguise.