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04-01-14, 08:38 PM
This indicates David Merrill is dangerously correct and the malicious (banking) element has sent agents here to dissuade the public. Very encouraging! And the JohnnyCash example adds some weight with the matching "55" shown on the return.

Important rabbit trail, imo:

So how does one tell the difference between an "agent sent to dissuade" and an innocent student making comments or mistakes in their learning process?

And I wonder how many innocent people have been driven away from these forums in the midst of their studies, never to return, all because some assumed them to be an agent based on their questions and learning process/learning style. This is tragic. Even shameful.

What does it take for someone to prove they are not an agent?

Does anyone take the time to pray over this forum daily? How about group prayer - is there a prayer team for this forum?

Where is the fellowship?

Does agape love exist in here? Because if this place is of the Father, agape love should be thriving in here.

I have already invested many many study hours in these threads, hence my strong feelings on this subject. I have questions about what I’ve studied, yet I’m terrified to ask because of this very issue.

Thank you for reading.

Jeanne Marie

Robert Henry
04-01-14, 11:51 PM
Personally, I think those of us who are honest students here in this process must be made of sterner stuff.

If one can't rebuff some anonymous internet chat room criticism and questioning of one's motives, or simply disregard them, how could one possibly hope to stand up and hold your own in court, god forbid, and/or against what could turn into a vicious onslaught from the machine designed solely to discredit you and the whole notion of remedy. Hell, even getting papers filed or checks cashed in this way can be a trial!

There is no way to prove a negative, so don't bother trying. Just be honest and forthright and most of all NOT SHY or afraid to ask questions! I believe that your true intention will shine through and win the day. Myself, I would not allow someone's attacks or accusations of insincerity here to scare me off or prevent me from learning the valuable lessons available from the wonderful minds present on this forum. Rather I would just ignore the offending rascal and be done with it. ;)

That being said, we could all likely do with a greater level respect for one another and our disparate belief systems... It's too easy to attack ideas and even someone's character in such a venue; what possible harm could come to you from doing so? I believe all should take great care in phrasing arguments and, most especially, accusations, but at the same time not be afraid to challenge one another.

Just my $0.02.

Thank you.

Robert Henry

04-02-14, 02:11 AM
Jeanne Marie, you've got a pretty good clue when a known agent says this in another forum:
One redeemer was recently been hit with the IRS letter asking to file a traditional return as the redeeming 1040 is "frivolous". http://freedomwatch.uservoice.com/forums/16625-freedom-watch-show-ideas/suggestions/180526--cracking-the-code-by-pete-hendrickson