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10-02-14, 09:57 AM
The Christian Foundation of America PDF (http://www.hbclynchburg.com/sermons/PDFs/Christian%20Foundation%20of%20America.pdf)
America's Christian Foundation (http://reformed-theology.org/southern/america.htm)
Christian Foundations of America (Os Hillman) (http://www.7culturalmountains.org/apps/articles/default.asp?articleid=62625&columnid=4336)

Note: "America's Christian Foundation" not "The United States' Christian Foundation". When someone says the United States wasn't founded on Christian principles--that might be true if you are referring to the creature of the states called "the United States". However if referring to America or the states of America such AFAIK would be utterly untrue.

If you were to remove a house or building's foundations from under it, what would happen to it?