View Full Version : An Eerie Visit to Sandy Hook - Newtown CT

01-11-15, 07:54 AM
Sandy Hook "proper" feels like a one-horse town.

Small houses along the few streets look like abandoned shacks with overgrown shrubs. There's a few shops at one intersection, then everything else seems to be a "school" or "academy" of some type. I've never seen so many schools/academies in one place before.

I pulled over at the infamous Firehouse to take photos, and directly across the street was a small house with 5 people standing in full view in their DRIVEWAY, outside their front door, having beers….. for no reason. I noticed them because there seemed to be no other people in the town. And who stands just outside their front door in their driveway, socializing – while avoiding their side/back yards?

[NOTE: Afterward, I realized that the position of those "happy homeowners" was a perfect vantage point, looking across the street, straight up Dickenson Drive (the driveway of bulldozed Sandy Hook Elementary school) and also giving a clear view of the entire Firehouse property. Since Police have been called to intimidate other citizen journalists, I decided to avoid interacting with bystanders].

David Merrill
01-11-15, 07:19 PM
Thank you for taking us there. It is the next best thing when the citizenry is sick and tired of all the publicity.