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David Merrill
03-23-11, 03:55 PM
Strangely this happens the most from trained professional US clerks of court. The rest of us I suppose had mothers and second-grade teachers who taught us how...

Often a letter from your clerk in the federal building will arrive with only a small piece of Scotch Tape holding it closed. Any variation of this process may be applied, depending on how formal of a record you desire as the judge.


The improper seal is a slur on your court. I call it a culpability dodge but it is based on the presumption you are incompetent, without Rules of Evidence. If the seal is compromised then how do you know that the contents are what was sent? The procedure is to simply remand the evidence back to the clerk to check and seal (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MHzPmc0rcI) it properly. You might even cite the DMM at 601.4.3 (http://pe.usps.com/text/dmm300/601.htm).

Imagine acting on something you received in good faith and finding out that the information in the envelope was incorrect. It was substituted with misdirection or counterintelligence. You would have no recourse if it was your fault for accepting a faulty seal in your court.

If you want to use a notary, get a true and correct copy of both sides of the envelope, with a red ink smudge first, on the tape so it shows up on your copy and when you drop it off at the post office have the clerk rounddate your True and Correct Copy so that you have evidence that you did not just throw it away. Keep an eye on what is happening and even look at the contents on PACER if you like.

Slurring your court is character assassination in my opinion. Especially considering that the only people who make this improper seal seem to be professional clerks of court!

I have more on this. I just thought I would start a new thread about it. There is a much deeper lesson about competence and Rules of Evidence than just correcting the clerk about sealing up envelopes. I have corrected the clerk in Colorado. I believe it was after two or three verbal reports to the postal inspector at the main office in Colorado Springs.


David Merrill.

03-23-11, 10:19 PM
I have found more effectiveness by just handwriting stuff in with different color inks, I have even stopped with typing letters and notices. Sure it is a real pain sometimes and fingers sometimes hurt, but this way usually it is not something they can just scan into a machine because most Text OCR converters cannot read it. Do not use legal paper because that has lines on it to where it creates form of having them readers a better chance to read it, just use the blank printer paper and free hand it. With all this if you have good writing skills it will force agent in most cases to read it themselves and perhaps a better chance of piercing the heart of a man, rather then scrutinize it by a rule book. I once heard of a man who used cocktail napkins to submit documents into government departments or into court, not sure I would go that far though.

Frederick Burrell
03-24-11, 12:23 PM

Well I'm happy something good came of my false alarm. Great info. I will be watching for the improper sealing of mail from the clerks. frederick Burrell

David Merrill
03-25-11, 01:50 AM

Well I'm happy something good came of my false alarm. Great info. I will be watching for the improper sealing of mail from the clerks. frederick Burrell

You are quite welcome;

I read in a post something from a suitor's friend stated - to you friends - so I thought it was first person, the suitor. The typo was so your friends - meaning second person, the suitor's friend. Also a redundancy; the scenario is now immanant. (the scenario is immanant.) Or one letter changed - the scenario is not immanent.

It could be so deceptive, one word or one letter altered on the important court document. For a trained court clerk to incorrectly seal the doc has got to be an intentional degredation of process. It goes so much in one direction too. Listen to this judge addressing the issue years ago in Denver:


Can you believe this judge is actually issuing memorandums to the clerk advising to improperly seal envelopes against the postal regulations? [Well... you of all people - that's rhetorical; I know you can believe it.]

David Merrill
04-26-11, 10:08 PM

Well I'm happy something good came of my false alarm. Great info. I will be watching for the improper sealing of mail from the clerks. frederick Burrell

I put a package together for you attached. The process I filed shortly before was this 21-page Certificate of Mailing (http://img833.imageshack.us/img833/3852/doc39certnoticeoflienme.pdf) that you see on the recent docket report attached.

Instead of a marked copy - Courier sends a prepaid envelope and a copy so that the clerk can stamp it FILED and return it in a moment's work - what felt like a single page was mailed back, about a week later. It was not moistened but now I am wishing I had at least held it up to the window to see what information I might glean. Point being that neither the letter to me, or Courier's request to reseal it have shown up on the Docket Report at all!

I am left making presumptions and one is that federal judge Robert E. BLACKBURN said something in that letter that was completely out of order. Being a federal judge he is studied on Rules of Evidence and if I had opened that envelope, I would never have been able to pin it on him as the author - because anybody could have swapped out the contents before it got to me - improper seal.

Another presumption I make is that this tactic from a professional clerk of court, after being corrected on numerous occasions it a culpability dodge like I just described. In this particular case, if you look closely, My case is the 08-MC-0066 case file while the clerk of court set out to besmirch my Lien by opening a civil suit, the 09-CV-3001 suit which I have never filed anything in. Almost all my filings have been diverted to the clerk's case like the one you are seeing linked above.

My best guess is that BLACKBURN said something to the illusion that my lien has somehow been adjudicated bogus because I never participated in the bogus suit.

However when I made comment this morning, Theresa at Courier commented, I am sure glad I sent that Certified! Yeah, me too. So I present it to show you basically that I have a record of it, whatever it was even though the clerk of court obviously does not want there to be a record of it. Sort of a last laugh for me, I guess.


David Merrill.

04-27-11, 03:30 AM
It seems to be the most simple things that elude me, so please help me understand what I may have missed after reading this thread.

After reviewing DMM 601.4.3, it is my understanding that tape shall not be used for packages, but is allowed to augment (strengthen) the adhesive on envelopes. So if the adhesive is not sealed, then the tape in turn is void, but if the adhesive is sealed, then tape is permitted? What I am I missing here? Maybe I am just tired.