View Full Version : Musk: Technology May Revoke Your Driver's License - WOW, these people are insane !!!

03-20-15, 01:04 AM
There will come a time, in a future not so far away, when it will be illegal for the average person to drive a car, predicted Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Autonomous vehicles will be exponentially safer, he said Tuesday at Nvidia's 2015 GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, California.

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang took the stage with Musk for an unrehearsed conversation about the future of cars and Tesla's aspirations to propel its electric vehicles into fully autonomous territory.

Huang touched on Musk's well-publicized warnings that super-sentient machines could become smarter than humans and pose a grave danger to humanity, but Musk said he was optimistic about automotive artificial intelligence, because it's "more narrow."

Musk expressed his enthusiasm for a future when people can do less -- presumably without giving up control over the machines that take over their most tedious chores.


This is really the last straw for these wealthy wannabe World tyrant types. I hope that people who have been sleeping will now wake up. I'm reminded of the scene in Total Recall when Douglas Quaid rips the Johnnycab automated autombile attendant out of it's seat then he takes over driving the car himself :) If the Founders were alive now, heads would roll !