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07-12-15, 10:00 PM
I was given a Name my true Name I have no last NAME with millions being the same how can i claim it as mine ? Driver,s License i have no Driver,s License with millions being the same how can i claim one is mine I took driver test and got a certificate its states i am holding a Driver licence might it be driver,s plural is a claim i cant find driver,s on the one i hold. show me your no show me what a driver,s licence looks like if you agree that i am a driver what is a driver,s licence required for some offices are acting like driver,s actual exist commercial operator owner operator Chauffeur driven appears a suspensions never apply to these types of driver just DRIVER,$ name is suspended a living driver he or she is alive its a name that requires a DRIVER,$ licence when issued a driver licence why sign for a DRIVER,$ just sayin