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08-19-15, 06:20 PM
A Critique of Bible Numerics
The use of numeric values of Biblical words and phrases in the original languages as a possible additional source of increasing our knowledge of God’s revelation is shown to be a bankrupt endeavor. The methods used by Theomaticists are demonstrated and critiqued. The end result is a refutation of a modern revival of numerology.

Numerology has an ancient history. Numbers have fascinated men since their invention and Bible believers have not been immune from their mystical influences.

I was introduced to the work of Ivan Panin as a young boy, and felt that there must be some validity to Bible Numerics. Years later, as an engineering student, I heard of a young man doing research in Bible Numerics. I contacted that person and met with him for several days, discussing his new method of discovering numeric features and his need for tools for further research.


Bible numerology can be divided into two categories: the method of Ivan Panin, usually called Bible Numerics, and its more recent reincarnation that has been given the moniker Theomatics.


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