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SURVEY (http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/survey), The act by which the quantity of a piece of land is ascertained; the paper containing a statement of the courses, distances, and quantity of land, is also called a survey.
2. A survey made by authority of law and duly returned into the land office, is a matter of record, and of equal dignity with the patent. 3 Marsh. 226; 2 J. J. Marsh, 160. See 3 Greenleaf, 126; 5 Greenleaf, 24; 14 Mass. 149 1 Harr. & John. 20 1 1 Overt. 199; 1 Dev. & Bat. 76.
3. By survey is also understood an examination; as, a survey has been made of your house, and now the insurance company will insure it.


survey (Examine), verb analyze, appraise, consider, considerare, contemplari, evaluate, inspect, keep an eye upon, keep watch, look at, observe, overlook, oversee, reconnoiter, review, scan, scrutinize, search, spectare, study, view, watch, weigh

survey (Poll), verb canvass, compute, count, count ballots, count votes, enroll, enumerate, estimate, list, review, tabulate, take stock, test, total

See also: analysis, analyze, appraisal, assessment, canvass, check, compendium, delineate, digest, estimate, estimation, examination, examine, gauge, inquire, inquiry, inspection, investigate, measure, measurement, monitor, observation, observe, overlook, pandect, peruse, poll, question, regard, research, retrospect, review, scrutinize, scrutiny, study, superintend, test, watch

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I have to thank-you guys for being persistent with regard to the issue of trusts.

The light is dawning upon me.....