View Full Version : FIFA 16 has been removed display business team

12-05-15, 08:27 AM
EA is no longer available on cheap fifa coins (http://www.4fifacoins.co.uk/) Team.In blog post, the developer explained that the reason behind the decision to continue to take tough measures against those who seek to benefit from the advantages of a farm in the game and a single currency.

Although some players are used to trade loyal to friends feature, to be one of the methods used by the seller to sell the money and transfer funds. As it offended phishers trading account through the transfer of players and take the stolen money after taking without access to the accounts of unsuspecting players FUT. It also deals with 'attempting vibration, as people try to deceive others and to provide additional desired part of the bidding player.

It was a difficult decision, but it is the right step towards improving security, which shows a red card cheaters and keep safe for all fans of football FUT. Also indicates that the ultimate goal conversions are now limited to a maximum of 50, once open to ultimate team coins (http://www.orderfifacoins.com/) players who deliver EAS FC. Also, it will enter compulsory origin when accessing the Web team at the end of the application in football.