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Found this unusual article about ten years ago. For some reason, it came to mind. Though I don't necessarily endorse it, it has some interesting tid-bits at the very least. The Sulfur-Flouride factors are highly valid I'd say.


Oak Ridge and the End-Times Prophecy
By: Jim Phelps, Copyright 2005

This narrative pertains to more of the religion issues linked to Oak Ridge, in particular the odd trail linked to the End-Times of Revelations. It is essentially about a great lie that was told and the war that develops between the truth and the lie. Jesus and his followers caught the lie and tried to reform the problems, but the evil of money and power overcame the truth of those times. Now, it is the time from the prophecy to deal with it.

This discussion will give people a better idea of what has been happening and what factors are driving the outcomes. This dialog will be brief and only the best theologians and scientists will pick up on these causal realities quickly, but they are succinctly captured here for study. The root of the problem is a nationalistic state based on religion, which uses the force of nuclear weapons to guarantee its regional dominance and existence. This is causing an imbalance leading to global war that stems from many wrong concepts assigned to God.

Most people know that Oak Ridge, Tennessee is the home of three large "Manhattan Project" Plants that were used to make the "Enriched Uranium" and "Plutonium" based "Atomic Bombs." The Pentagon's Leslie Groves was the head of the New York based project that was touted to counter the German Bomb efforts. He became the head because he had imported the Jewish nuclear scientists from Europe fleeing Hitler, under "Project Altos" [Later these became "Project Alsos" and "Paperclip"]. He also was the person that built the Pentagon building itself and was familiar with the many Masonic symbols in the layout of Washington, DC. One example is the pentagram shape symbolizes witchcraft, which is black magic linked to Egypt. Another is the Washington Monument looks like a giant sized version of the Pillars of Satan from the Arab religions and why the Middle East Arabs call the US "The Great Satan."

Robert Oppenheimer would come to be the lead nuclear physicist under Groves. Oppenheimer would recite bits of the "Bhagavad Gita" from India's religion at the Trinity test at the White Sands, NM site. Oppenheimer recited the piece on: "I have become the destroyer of worlds." He would go on to regret working for the Manhattan Project for building the bomb. His regret is very likely because he saw the forecasts on the End-Times and Armageddon for Israel forming in the time shortly after WWII. Oppenheimer was highly intelligent of the old religion literature and likely the most intelligent of all the Manhattan Project's scientists. Both Groves and Oppenheimer were very familiar with the hidden symbolism in Govt. and religion. This discussion will make the readers more familiar with some of these interesting threads from Old World religion.


Oak Ridge plays an even deeper role, as it was in Oak Ridge that the problems of fluorides in combination with metals were found to produce dominate factors in health and longevity. What was found in Oak Ridge was that fluorides upset the beneficial trace metals balance in the body, which led to multiple illnesses from immune system problems. The effect is simple enough as fluorine accumulates in the bone mass it upsets the beneficial trace metals balance that are essential for the workings of the immune cells produced in the bone mass. It is a slow degenerative effect that is complicated and hard to detect, but a process so dominate that it determines longevity of everyone on the planet. Some of the old secrets of religion pertaining to the "Manna" exploit this effect to achieve divine knowledge and greater understanding. The Egyptian "black magic" chemical science or "alchemy" was likely the first to isolate these effects. This divine level of cognition was symbolized by the "Eye of Horus" in the old Egyptian ways and represented the Pineal Gland's light sensing and control of HPA axis factors of the endocrine system.

These old Egyptian and Jewish Sciences had found an essential process to all life on Earth with the discovery of the Manna. The Manna supplied the sulfur that kept membranes functional and the glutathione (GSH) processes in the body working well. Normally the oceans supplied the Manna via plankton absorption of sulfur and the formation of DMS, which seeded clouds, and formed DMSO and MSM. The Mountain of Moses also formed DMS via volcanic sulfur releases and heating of crude oil deposits in a natural refinery like process. Today, we know that as the UV levels rise this impacts the levels of DMS in the food chain and the human immune resistance. When GSH is impaired the body ages more rapidly and metabolic acidosis sets in and drives poor kidney clearance of toxic metals.

Oak Ridge found that the dominate factor for AIDS was how this changed the manganese availability factor that prevents HIV reverse transcription in the immune cells. In the Areas where AIDS is worst, the fluoride levels in the food and water from the "East African Rift Zone" are also the worst. This natural order type effect is killing a massive number of people daily and it goes on because it is kept secret to protect interests in religion and to make huge profits for those suppressing the better knowledge. It gives merit to the old adage that money is the root of all evil and this is the case here.

(More/source...there is much, much more.... (http://www.doewatch.com/endtimes/))

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