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09-02-16, 05:09 AM

Very interesting perspective about energy and the one world government collapse.
The interview took me to his web site below.


I continue to read and hear about the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and how Globalism is going to rule the world. I would like to kindly remind those reading this article that globalism was a short-term arrangement only possible due to cheap and abundant oil production. As U.S. and global oil production heads south in earnest over the next 5-10 years, globalism will experience the same fate as the Dinosaur.

09-02-16, 05:42 AM
Don't bet everything on petrol. They have been stealing and hiding advanced energy technology at least since Tesla died (not to mention that high speed, high volume hydrogen production technologies were used during the U.S. Civil War (https://books.google.com/books?id=iiFDAAAAIAAJ&printsec=frontcover)!).

Technologies for powering, say, a single automobile car for 20 years without ever having to stop to refuel it have existed for DECADES. Part of the reason they suppress technology is that they want to appear to be a 'god-like Master Race ' helping the world when all along they've been suppressing and oppressing just so they an accomplish that kind of false unveiling. A key reason radioactive substances are hoarded (in the name of 'safety' and 'preventing terrorism') is because they are useful for generating endless electrical power, safely (http://www.keelynet.com/energy/atombatt.htm).

Inefficient solar cells are designed to be just that: inefficient. Someone barely past teenager developed a system back in the 90s to get solar cells up to 50%+ efficiency, he was threatened, the technology was stolen and in a half-assed form re-surfaced at a university as 'new research' 10 years later and was kept very low very to the point of disappearing into the cracks of the Interwebs.

Another case was someone had their computers hacked and home broken into after they had figured out a way to create a catalyst using aluminum plates to extract hydrogen from water: 'surprise' a few months later aluminum and copper prices (even wire) shot through the roof. Note: none of this research was being published over the Internet. The simple premise of the technology was that he noticed how aluminum bleachers and any shiny aluminum turned dull quickly in open air and that such was Aluminum's way of 'rusting' (i.e. it was binding with oxygen from the air). And behold when heated up, Aluminum (which will actually burn like wood!) will actually pull O2 from H20 even underwater.

So yes, they want to seem to be the origin and source of the technology they have stolen and suppressed and don't want it released until they are in the position to take full credit for it.

David Merrill
09-02-16, 04:18 PM
I am a pure Tesla fanatic. - In that I have examined his patents and biographies. I was discussing his energy sources a few weeks ago with a retired engineer.

The problem with that kind of energy transmission is that there needs to be a power source. Suppose that the resonant frequency of the earth is possible, then the energy is in radio waveform. I agree that it is right there to power up my cordless power drill; no battery, just a special antenna. However, I am suddenly interrupted by several fires from the 5" nails in the old wood of my garage.

Get it? There will be antennas all over the place potentially glowing red hot.

Seeing through the Veil; that is powerful energy. Helen's vision (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1EaV_bU7VImSDJEWnJJUjZWVUE/view?usp=sharing) is not limited to the "right decision" (for her). Click here for more detail (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1EaV_bU7VImZm5oZnRFQXl6X0k/view?usp=sharing). Self-mastery and cultivation is the engine behind biblical prophecy as a common birthright.

I invented the first functional biocosmetric sonoluminescent laser in late 2023. Imagine (the fabrication lab was in orbit, to form a perfect mirrored sphere) the healer/teacher holding a glowing orb about 7" in diameter in his right hand with his other hand on the back of the student/patient in training or being healed. The tiny star's photons are all being reflected back into the star, lasing until the inner mirror surface is overcome.

09-02-16, 08:11 PM
Tesla's type of energy transmission system could have been centralized in a household or building and power distributed from a central location via wire. I don't recall that molten effect with any of Tesla's technology. Maybe at very low resonances below what he typically dealt with one might have a molten metal effect. AFAIK, at 40 Khz the effect is cooling and overall harmless (with certain exceptions as to actually physical contact with certain circuits (http://teslaresearch.jimdo.com/electrical-safety/)).

However, there are plenty of other energy methodologies. Consider that the reason attempts to recreate the Pogue engine have failed might be because since the fuel companies changed the formula for gasoline (i.e. added additives, removed some compounds) so that it wouldn't work anymore and to defeat efficient combustion. Closed loop nuclear reactors have already been invented and put to use. 50%+ efficient solar cells are hardly a pipe dream. Also consider that the amount of radio isotopes (Radium, Radon, Thorium, Uranium, etc.) that make up raw crude oil that are scavenged or thrown away 'secretly' during the refinement process. Any astute engineer readily realizes that automobile engines are designed to throw away energy (mostly by way of heat and unburnt fuel) because gasoline is capable of producing more torque and power than the engines can handle.

Tesla dealt with one class of solution. There were and are plenty of others (T. Henry Moray and Nathan Stubblefield for example as well as more modern developments). Consider that the photoelectric effect is strongly 'mischaracterized' to say the least.

09-03-16, 05:19 PM
[QUOTE=David Merrill;22860
Suppose that the resonant frequency of the earth is possible, then the energy is in radio waveform.[/QUOTE]



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09-04-16, 07:28 AM
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That's when I knew it was nerve damage. This or a swollen prostate? Backs aren't integrity driven any attachment and separation isn't always purely physical a good sneeze can cripple a lower back for a week sitting on a wallet I am not suggesting your resonant frequency cant be damaged not like Davids but for the time being {High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program } There will be antennas all over the place potentially glowing Auroral red hot. The J.P. Morgan effect patents. always had a materialistic origin and any source of the technology they have always stolen and suppressed and don't want it released until they are commercially in the position to take full credit and compensation for it. Wavering incendiary license .

09-04-16, 08:33 PM
Isn't it funny that the biggest boys of business are close to collapse.
Makes sense that a one world government is right behind it when the energy corp. is owned by them.
Take the money away and they also disappear.


Shell’s Debt Nears Edge of Comfort Zone as Rout Boosts Borrowing

Royal Dutch Shell Plc is on the verge of breaching “comfortable” levels of debt as low crude prices force Europe’s largest oil company to borrow more.

Net debt increased to a record $75 billion at the end of June from $70 billion three months earlier, Shell said Thursday as it reported a slump in second-quarter earnings. Additional borrowing drove up the ratio of net debt to capital, or gearing, to 28.1 percent -- more than double the year-earlier level.

“We’re close to the maximum level and it could go up still with the oil price where it is,” Chief Financial Officer Simon Henry said on a conference call. “Thirty percent is an upper limit to where we can describe our position as comfortable.”

Oil’s collapse over the past two years has pummeled earnings and cash flow at the world’s biggest energy producers and pushed many smaller ones into bankruptcy. Shell’s balance sheet has been further strained by the company’s record acquisition of BG Group Plc this year, for which it had to borrow billions of dollars, resulting in credit-rating downgrades.
Funding Dividends

Oil’s decline has drained finances so much that Shell is unable to fund dividends and investments with cash from operations and asset sales. The Anglo-Dutch company, like European competitor BP Plc, has pledged to maintain shareholder payouts, and for that it needs to borrow.

BP said this week that its gearing rose to the highest in at least 16 years as debt ballooned. Yet borrowing costs are currently so cheap that Chief Executive Officer Bob Dudley said he doesn’t mind taking on more debt, despite BP’s own 30 percent target.

For more on BP’s swelling debts and plans to borrow more, click here.

While Dudley has long said BP’s top financial priority is the dividend, his counterpart at Shell, Ben Van Beurden, has switched his focus to reducing debt, saying borrowings must come down following the BG purchase.

S&P Global Ratings cut Shell’s debt rating this month, reducing it for a second time this year. The ratings company said that while management had committed to lowering debt, credit metrics and cash flow remained below desired levels.
Asset Sales

Van Beurden is cutting capital expenditure, slashing operating costs and selling assets to keep finances in order. Shell is currently working on divesting 17 assets and will start price negotiations in two to three months, CFO Henry said Thursday. It’s in talks with potential buyers for some of these, he said, without identifying the assets.

While low oil prices make it difficult to meet disposal targets, they help to reduce some expenses. Shell intends to lower operating costs to $40 billion this year from $49 billion in 2014.

The company plans to spend $29 billion in 2016 and $25 billion to $30 billion a year to the end of the decade. Van Beurden has said he has the option to cut spending further and defer more projects if crude prices stay below $50 a barrel. Brent traded below $44 on Thursday.

Volatility in the oil price makes it difficult for companies to plan their finances. Brent increased more than 88 percent from a 12-year low in January to early June, and has since dropped 18 percent. Oil-market movements will to a large extent determine Shell’s gearing.

“The drivers will be the oil price and the pace of divestments,” Henry said. “In the short term, it will be oil price, on which I can’t make any other comments. In the short term it could just as easily go down as up.”

Shell on Thursday reported a 72 percent decline in adjusted quarterly profit, missing analyst estimates by $1 billion. Van Beurden said lower oil prices continue to be a “significant challenge” across the business.
Before it's here, it's on the Bloomberg Terminal.

Exxon, Shell, BP and Chevron have combined debt of $184 billion amid two-year slump

09-05-16, 09:38 AM
Control over nuclear and chemical energy is about controlling productivity and yield and an ability of a society to repay its debts. So if you want to keep a society in perpetual debt, you might want to keep them addicted to inefficient and expensive fuel sources.