View Full Version : chief "judge" redacts his own signature

David Merrill
05-01-17, 06:42 PM
It was for the most part a gut reaction, my elation. We are discussing various reasons for the redaction on the brain trust. My initial thought is that this "judge" does not wish to be indicted before the President for misprision of treason.

Or at best, the Mason who let the esoteric out of the bag!


David Merrill
05-01-17, 06:51 PM

I feel that when the suitor finds the Form prescribed by the Florida SoS, it will not contain the bordered oath-swearing or the all upper case letters at the beginning. Like with Colorado shown here.


David Merrill
05-02-17, 12:04 PM
Another development since exhaustion of remedy is a suitor filing counterclaim/garnishment about $1K court fines and probation violations had his filing against the Commonwealth assigned "judge" - "UN".


Suitor's True Name


Commonwealth of Eastern State

The garnishment in admiralty (contemplated) is against the wages of the Commonwealth as an artificial person. No wonder no judge in that state would handle it. The wages are gathered from the US citizen/endorser/taxpayers. The Commonwealth has plenty of wages to garnish, unfortunately.

05-04-17, 02:34 PM
very interesting,
what does it say beside the "exemption 66" stamp? Some letters cut off.
I take it as a stamp by the agency office?
I take it the stamp was placed on after with the redact?
If so is the exemption 66 part of the redact?

05-04-17, 11:54 PM

You think the president knows federal judges have deviant oaths?

David Merrill
05-05-17, 11:18 AM
I know the President knows. Lately one of the new suitors caused the USPS in DC to "hold for pickup". Interesting how long people are frightened of their mailboxes... The Secret Service was stopping the USPS from delivering mail to the White House and Treasury?

P.S. Within hours after the Tracking Page showing "Waiting for Pickup" was published on PACER, the USPS delivered both R4C's - at 4:30 am too.

05-22-17, 10:54 PM
Admiralty when a Sheriff swears a posey its an act of war. When a judge swears a Maritime oath its in his peacetime floating district.

05-22-17, 10:57 PM
the body of men in a county whom the sheriff could summon to enforce the law. posse or posers what law cant be enforced