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David Merrill
04-07-18, 01:08 PM
I will simply show it to you:

Indictment (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1whkp7k1bscMQaeFt8hptcMO91Y-8Cw6T/view?usp=sharing)against the Russian central bank. (The address came up for at least one of the "indicted" corporations.

My response to the division in Unity. (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z2grI3WdduvhuQEwcStEjXdn4t6rYZo0/view?usp=sharing)

The morning after service:


But fifteen minutes later (6:30 am EST) the case was back up.


Now my guess is that when no arrests are made the Case will be dismissed in the next hearing.


06-19-18, 01:00 AM
The accusations in this case against the Russians:

create hundreds of social media & email accounts
stand in front of the White House holding a sign
encourage groups not to vote
collect intel posing as U.S. persons
open Paypal accounts with fake ID
purchase political ads
create online accounts using fake personas
post online using fake personas

Seriously? Doesn't this happen everyday, anytime something important is at stake? I assume it does; even online forums. How does this rise to the level of criminal?

07-21-18, 11:31 AM
So I was going to buy more Suds-a-Lot and someone online said it was a tool of the banksters and central bankers profit greatly from it. And on the way i heard an ad for Tide detergent on the radio. Who do i sue for conspiracy and collusion to interfere with my election to purchase Suds-a-Lot?

07-22-18, 01:15 PM
the Russians. Obviously.


10-22-18, 05:55 AM
Heh, you're right, not criminal. Case not going well for Mueller. Judge orders him to clarify Russian meddling claims. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-10-20/judge-orders-mueller-prove-russian-company-meddled-election
Defense says he fabricated a crime, and that there is no law against interfering in elections. Concord's attorney has described the election meddling charges as "make believe," arguing on Monday that Mueller's indictment against Concord "doesn't charge a crime." "There is no statute of interfering with an election. There just isn’t," said Dubelier, who added that Mueller's office alleged a "made-up crime to fit the facts they have."

David Merrill
10-24-18, 02:52 AM
Thanks for bumping the thread! I saved the Response, and it is just like you say...

Motion to Dismiss (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zU6LmYzAULwETyVSLq1A67cHWrLrbTus/view?usp=sharing)
Response (https://drive.google.com/file/d/12OtJyR7gxm9o0N0YO1B3sDdj_WFv34cS/view?usp=sharing)
Motion in Support (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1A6QY0PojKP70oYdsgJ0AJuaN6kS6RsWQ/view?usp=sharing)

01-27-19, 12:49 AM
I read the MUELLER team has ties to quasi-scholar Joseph MIFSUD and British intelligence.

At minimum, we can surmise that Mifsud was not a Russian agent, but was an asset of Western intelligence agencies. We are left with the impression that the Mifsud saga served as a ploy, whether he participated knowingly or not. It seems reasonable to conclude that the gambit was initially developed with participation of John Brennan and UK intelligence. Following this, Mueller inherited and developed the Mifsud narrative thread into the collusion soap opera we know today.https://disobedientmedia.com/2019/01/death-of-russiagate-mueller-team-tied-to-mifsuds-network/

Now we find the carefully concealed office of the government-backed propaganda mill:
This “network of networks”, as one document refers to them, centers around an ironically named outfit called the Integrity Initiative. And it is all overseen by a previously unknown England-based think tank registered in Scotland, the Institute for Statecraft, which has operated under a veil of secrecy.

The whole operation appears to be run by, and in conjunction with, members of British military intelligence.

According to David Miller, professor of political sociology in the school of policy studies at the University of Bristol and the director of the Organization for Propaganda Studies, the Integrity Initiative “appears to be a military directed push.”
Inside the Temple of Covert Propaganda (https://grayzoneproject.com/2018/12/17/inside-the-temple-of-covert-propaganda-the-integrity-initiative-and-the-uks-scandalous-information-war/)

And did you see the indictment accuses Concord of paying a troll farm $1.2 million a month for fake personas, false Twitter accounts, Faceberg ads, etc.

Question is, how much are they spending on STSC ?


David Merrill
01-27-19, 09:19 AM
That has crossed my mind...

We now have alchemy to produce copper that behaves with the same electron density as gold. Joseph amassed gold into Egypt and Enlil Shaddai led Moses (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1EaV_bU7VImZm92OWJYclVucGM/view?usp=sharing) to steal it to his battery on Mt Horeb.


Without this sputtering available the interface between the copper mesh and the gold plating and rings would be an important factor forming the demodulation and antenna around the wings of the cherubim on the Ark. The skins and woven linens also enhanced the ESP from the already genetically enhanced genius named YHVH. - Which Ark of the Covenant contained a good deal of monatomic gold - Manna. The mysticomimetic neuropsychopharmacology of the Qetoret (Temple Incense) also played a role as we find in the Story - regarding Eli, Zachariah and of course John as a channel for Elijah the Prophet.

My point is that as I find three pillars of Knowledge; practical, theoretical and applied complimented by experiential knowledge the halo (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIECXsJmY7A)amplifies the table to support knowledge - which is the gold. I am feeling very well paid.


I recall Season 1, I think Episode 2 of Fringe.

Walter BISHOP: Oh, my God!
Lab crew: What?
Patient/lab rat anxious, connected to electronics.
Walter: I think with a little demodulation you can get free satellite TV!

01-28-19, 05:20 AM
You must be referring to the Chinese researchers (http://advances.sciencemag.org/content/4/12/eaau3275) who blasted charged argon gas at copper atoms to form nanoparticles that have gold-like properties.

As for monatomic gold, science says that exists only as a thin hot gas. As it cools into a liquid or solid it is no longer monatomic.

As for the two to three hundred active users who never speak, I'd say that's an attempt to tax the resources of the forum. And also to prevent new seekers getting approved to post, for how can the moderator tell the seeker from the troll?