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Frederick Burrell
03-05-11, 04:14 AM
Can anyone explain this statement in more depth. How is it we say/know that the government is a foreign agent. What is the rational behind this statement. Thanks Frederick Burrell

Michael Joseph
03-05-11, 05:59 AM
Governments are Trusts = State. Everything within the State is in the estate. And there are other foreign States that are without the State. For instance there is a State termed China and there is a State termed United States. One is foreign to the Other. A Trustee is the only party that can act for a Trust. Now it may be expedient for a Trustee to hire an Agent to act on the Trustees behalf and therefore the Agent acts on behalf of the State but the Agent can only act according to the power that is vested in said Agent by the Trustee. Therefore it is the Trustee with the Power and the Responsibility as Fiduciary.

And the Trustee should have deep confidence in the Agent as Agent can bind Principal in Agents actions. Agent is allowed to Act ONLY by Trustee. Therefore Agent acts For Trustee on behalf of the State.

Before you talk of Agents and Venue [domestic or foreign - within or without] one must first frame the reference by framing where one is. Who are you and where are you and are you acting in capacity for a persona. Those must be answered before one can use the term "foreign". Foreign to what construct/frame?

David Merrill
03-05-11, 04:06 PM
Considering the Libel of Review, the agent of a foreign principal is formed whenever you have diversity of citizenship. The issue still arises from lack of proper notice - through the laws of the US - that any foreign agent is to come to a man on the land through the district courts. In light of what Michael Joseph posted though, I think it favorable to view the trust as the endorsement signature, or better, the lack of it (demand for lawful money).

When there is diversity - there is a party that is foreign to the other party.

Frederick Burrell
03-05-11, 06:43 PM
Thanks to both of you, David and Michael, I appreciate your explanation and it totally makes sense. Words can mean so many things, and I seemed to have locked into a preconceived Idea of what the word foreign meant.

David Merrill
03-25-11, 03:46 PM
The Libel of Review depends on the clerk's rule that by law, the clerk of court must file foreign judgments. Hopefull somebody will call me on that some time - because since the clerks of court file our judgments, I have not had to find it!