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07-08-11, 08:26 PM
This is a rough draft of a letter to a SoS and postmaster that I wrote, to demand our Constitutional right to general post on the land of the state of the Union. This right only applies to men and women, and NOT to artificial persons like US citizens, so you'll have to demand it as a man or woman. That's how to STOP VOLUNTERING to use their corporate gov't benefits.


The corporate gov't bozos OWE us this, but only if we demand it. And if they fail to provide it upon demand, they are FORCING us to use their corporate Matrix replacement of general post, in which case we will be using that ONLY UNDER PROTEST, and not voluntarily. And that cancels our duty to obey certain statutes, that those using the corporate benefit (like mail delivery) voluntarily, are subject to.


In other words, if you demand general post and the gov't fails to provide that for you, you no longer can be considered a resident of their corporate State, when you use a ZIP code address. And if you're not resident, you're not in their corporate Matrix, and they have no jurisdiction over you.




Constructive Notice and Demand

Notice to agent is notice to principal.

Notice to principal is notice to agents.



Dear Postmaster and secretary of State,

I am writting to you in my capacity as a natural man, endowed by my Creator with certain unalienable rights, among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Add to that the right to property, and these are the rights I demand that you, and the agency/organization and/or government you represent, help me to secure. And it is self-evident that the government you represent or work under, has a DUTY to me and my fellow Americans to secure these rights.


Therefore I DEMAND that you secure those rights to me immediately! I REFUSE and REJECT any and all benefits of your corporate government, such as mail delivery to a ZIP zone address. I am domiciled on the land of California, a state of the Union, and therefore demand General Post delivery to my domiciled location (house), which does NOT include any ZIP codes.


You will provide me with such post delivery to my domiciled location, or provide me with clear directions on how to get such delivery permanently, either at my domiciled location, or at one of your Post Offices. I am entitled to general post (and NOT General Delivery!) under the organic pre-1860 United States Constitution, which established a Post Office, for the purpose of delivering post to people in the states of the Union. And I am domiciled in a state of the Union, and am NOT a resident in one of your crappy corporate States.


I hope you realize that it is YOUR JOB to make sure that people in states of the Union get their post, if not delivered, then at least being available for pick up at the Post Office of their choice.


Should you fail in your duty to help me get general post, I may continue using your ZIP code addresses, but NO LONGER VOLUNTARILY, and ONLY UNDER DURESS and UNDER PROTEST. I hope you realize that using your corporate State benefits under protest, makes me NO LONGER LIABLE to obey the rules that those who use those benefits voluntarily, come under.


Therefore my use of your federal zone ZIP addresses (under protest), will NO LONGER be evidence of residency in your crappy corporate State.


Furthermore, I DEMAND to be paid in real, lawful money, and NOT Federal Reserve Notes (FRN's). You will provide clear directions to me on how I can get paid for my labor in lawful money. If you fail to do that within 14 days, I may still be using Federal Reserve Notes, but NO LONGER VOLUNTARILY, and ONLY UNDER DURESS and UNDER PROTEST. I hope you realize that using your corporate State benefits under protest, makes me NO LONGER LIABLE to obey the rules that those who use those benefits voluntarily, come under.


In other words, all my purchases using FRN's will PAY OFF the debt, and not just discharge it, resulting in me having the right of ownership and the highest title, and NOT mere possession, subject to gov't regulation. Plus, any payments I receive will NOT be income, subject to IRS taxation, because you have violated my unalienable right to be paid for my labor in real money/assets, and not just with obligations of the U.S. that FRN's are.


You have been notified!

PS: My use of address with ZIP code is done only under protest, and therefore must not be considered as evidence of residency.


Jaro Henry Smith, a natural man
c/o 123 Main Street
Libertycity, [92333]

Trust Guy
07-09-11, 12:33 AM
Jaro ,

Suggestion :

Para 2 : “REFUSE and REJECT any and all benefits” - Suggest “offer to return any Benefits received in error” . One of those is Benefits is delivery at your “domiciled location (house)” . General Post goes as far as the nearest Post Office by Station Name .

A little history on Post Office Names

Back when I did such my Postal Address would be something like - My Name , c/o Pine Hill Station , 123 Abc Street , Los Angeles California .

12-11-12, 07:48 PM
So important for us is the filing of the Objection and Notice of Protest , and filing the objections timely.

And each of these Objections should be separate and distinct from each other

Admiralty/Birth Certificate,

Equity/Social Security,

Commercial/HOLDERS IN DUE COURSE, etc.

Notice of protest is a formal declaration made by a person interested in some act done or about to be done.

The person making a notice of protest saves with him/her certain rights, by making such notice. For example, notice of protest is given by a notary public to a drawer or indorser of a negotiable instrument, that the instrument was neither paid nor accepted.

In property tax matters, a notice of protest is filed with the appraisal review board (ARB) for the appraisal district that took the action which is protested.

Notice of protest is also refers to a declaration by a shipowner or crew under oath that damages caused to the vessel or cargo were the result of perils of the sea and that the ship-owner is not liable for the damages.