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09-17-11, 09:49 PM
It is probably the single biggest & best thing anyone can ever do for themself.
One very good place to start is getting a greater understanding.
Many things come to mind as suggestions - but here I'll just share my top 3:

A documentary movie called 'Food, Inc.' (Netflix has this...) reveals things which can be quite surprising.

Another (shorter) documentary called 'Processed People' which is harder to find, but should play if you visit this site where I viewed it:
(Here is the source site in case that one doesn't work-> http://freeviewdocumentaries.com/2010/03/24/processed-people/ )

Sugar: The Bitter Truth
Robert H. Lustig, MD

I suggest the above as starting points for most folks just because in our so-called 'modern world' there is actually a desperate need for folks to simply get better clues as to what they are swallowing regularly that they don't even know about.

05-20-14, 05:33 AM
i don't eat totally healthy. i definitely eat more junk food than i should (mostly processed foods)

05-20-14, 02:40 PM
Great info!

People have overcome serious illnesses, including cancer, by applying alternative nutrition and shunning the Eff-Dee-Ay food pyramid.

David Merrill
06-21-14, 10:18 AM
Welcome Haniya!

06-21-14, 05:21 PM
I swear by the Paleo/Primal diet. I've lost over 55 lbs in less than a year.

Another one to check out is the ketogenic diet.

Agreed! The FDA food pyramid is garbage.

06-21-14, 07:47 PM

Patrick Timpone has one of the most interesting alternative health radio talk shows.
I have been listening to his program for years.
His search engine has over 2000 pod casts.

Being healthy is easy.
Get off your ass and move.
And don't eat anything that comes in a package or that is advertized.

08-11-14, 09:33 AM
If you want to be healthy, live a healthy life. Start with eating a balance diet food an daily exercise and of course a proper sleep will do ;)

ag maniac
08-11-14, 07:26 PM
In light of everything posted above.....which is all good & sound advice/knowledge.....I must say this:

It's never too early for [I]chocolate !!

08-21-14, 08:58 AM
If you want to be healthy, live a healthy life. Start with eating a balance diet food an daily exercise and of course a proper sleep will do ;)

I agree with this!

Keith Alan
08-23-14, 07:22 PM
After smoking cigarettes for more than 35 years, I recently switched to vaping. I'm still using nicotine, but I'm able to slowly wean myself off while keeping the habit.

The physical sensations associated with smoking are almost identical, along with the mannerisms and habits that most smokers have adopted. But I've cut my nicotine use in half over the last few months, and the only byproduct is water vapor.

I figure in a few more months I'll be off of nicotine completely.

10-23-14, 09:22 AM
If you want to be healthy then keep my suggestions in your mind that always try to maintain a diet and workout plan. Eat less but eat natural food. Do morning exercise everyday for getting perfect body fitness and to maintain health.

02-10-16, 01:48 PM
Very nice article about health information. I think if someone wants to be healthy then he must read this post carefully. With doing exercise,good diet,avoiding smoking and with proper sleeping a person can get healthy lifestyle.

David Merrill
02-10-16, 06:32 PM
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