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Tony R
12-26-11, 12:53 AM
Hi all

First of all I want to thank David for all his hard work on this subject and helping others to understand this complex system. I hope someone can help clarify something for me with regard to the verbiage on the back of the check for lawful money. I was listening to a talkshoe dated Sept 1, 2011 with Angela Stark and her guest was John Henry Doe who referred to David Merrill’s method to ensure lawful money. I deposited my paychecks with the following handwritten verbiage: Redeem for Lawful Money pursuant to 12 USC 411 :John Public: dba JOHN PUBLIC. This was the same verbiage David outlines in his video about the Federal Reserve and the bank history of the US. I coped all my paychecks.

On this talkshow program with John Henry Doe refers to different verbiage and hints that the above verbiage may not work [for 1040 income tax purposes]. The verbiage he suggests that works is: Demand is made for Lawful Money per 12 USC 411, by, John Public.

Can someone please clarify this for me?. Are both correct? Should I take the credit on line 21 on the form 1040 with the “redeem for lawful money” verbiage? Should I contact the IRS and request it to put in writing what is acceptable so that I can not get the penalty [I understand the IRS will say this is not acceptable deduction – but the key will be to have it put it in writing].

John Henry Doe also gave an example 1040 form with the credit on line 21 of gross paychecks before withholding. Can someone clarify this for me. Why should the IRS accept “gross” pay when “net pay” was redeemed for lawful money? This was not clear.

Also is there any real difference between depositing the actual checks or cashing them? John Henry Doe suggested that David “preferred” cashing as opposed to depositing. This week I plan on opening new bank accounts with the verbiage on the signature cards added ALL TRANSACTIONS ARE INTENDED TO BE BY SPECIAL DEPOSIT. DEMAND IS MADE FOR LAWFUL MONEY PER 12 USC 411. I will change the word signature to autograph and the word person to man. Any other suggestions or comments? Thanks

Much appreciation


Jay Scott.
01-22-12, 07:12 PM

How did it go opening the new bank account?

Jay Scott.