View Full Version : Marge knows better!

David Merrill
04-26-12, 12:27 AM
Than to endorse private credit from the Fed.


martin earl
05-02-12, 08:14 PM
Sometimes, I think these sorts of "holy-wood" productions are actually public notices.

It always reminds me of the movie where Richard Pryor is buy a house and the owner is laughing as he tells Richard: "Of course we are taking that with us!" when talking about floors, fireplace, light fixtures, pool etc. The owner continues this like it was a joke. Of course, when the sale is done, all of the items are gone. Richard consults an attorney and the response was "Well if he told you he was taking those things, there is nothing I can do." (from memory, so its not a direct quote)

I NOTICE YOUR NOTICE and control my affairs accordingly.