View Full Version : New Bank Stamps on Backside of Paychecks

David Merrill
07-25-12, 10:21 PM
I just heard this report today...

Also, recently I had the opportunity to review canceled checks that were made out to the Trust Name and deposited and redeemed in lawful money per the signature card and demand on the check. Interestingly, there is now an additional stamp on the back of the check that IS NOT PRESENT on checks I deposited prior to learning about redeeming lawful money pursuant to 12 U.S.C. 411. The additional stamp usually has "FRB #" and a number of letters and digits in various arrangement but it is not always consistent. Have you seen this before?

My first guess is that the FRB# is the Fed endorsing the paycheck for the suitor.

07-26-12, 04:50 PM
It makes sense in that The Fed is the primary clearing house for checks between the banks. Perhaps when you make your demand it then HAS to flow through The Fed clearing house as opposed to maybe just between the banks own in house clearing facility.

The more I think about these issues the more it makes sense. Where I am at, back in the day when I would get a refund from state withholding. The next year I would get a 1099 issued by the state with the amount of the refund listed in the "income" box. WTF! How can they tax something that was a refund for the tax? Well it was a new check (separate event) with no demand hence new "income".

Another random thought: Anyone notice the volume of "Got IRS problems? Call tax masters...et al" Commercials on the radio, tv, everywhere these days? Its on every commercial break on nearly every channel. They purport to wipe your tax liabilities to a fraction of what was initially assessed. Does this not scream SCAM? Either they are full of it...or the tax itself is a scam...more to the point "A FRAUD"

07-27-12, 02:58 PM
Tax obligations are very easy to deal with. :) If you know how. Perhaps they are intentionally steering people into complexity and fees while knowing fully how to resolve the matter.