View Full Version : Updating Bank Signature Card

09-05-13, 05:08 AM
Apparently you can fill out a new signature card, which will supersede the old one. Did anyone try that lately? This also should be doable by mail, since some bank customers may live in another country or State. I remember opening a bank account in Europe once by mail, although I had to have a form notarized to prove identity.

"Superseding a signature card replaces any and all prior signature cards for the accounts, and replaces all existing signers on the account(s) with the new signers listed under the “Designated Account Signers” section of the new signature card."


Also, it would seem to me that problems we have with banks are because we go there as US PERSONS, who are subjects to various statutes, including the IRS code. I've checked the requirements for opening a checking account with B of A, and they require you to state nationality, and they don't offer UNITED STATES, but UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as an option.

And as I've mentioned before, to be a USA national, you can be EITHER a STATUTORY 14th Amendment US citizen, OR natural-born state Citizen. And if you're a statutory US citizen, you're a US person, while state Citizens AREN'T US persons. Of course it's kinda difficult to get a gov't ID as a state Citizen.