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  1. The faith I live by

    Know ye that Yehovah, He is Elohim.
    He has made us, and not we ourselves.
    We are His people, and the sheep of His pasture.

    Psalm 100:3

    The work of creation cannot be explained by science. What science can explain the mystery of life?
    Life is a gift of God.

    The natural life is preserved moment by moment by divine power; yet it is not sustained by a direct miracle, but through the use of blessings placed within our reach.
  2. The elect and the election

    Christ is able to save to the uttermost all who come to Him in faith. He will cleanse them from all defilement if they will let Him. But if they cling to their sins, they cannot possibly be saved; for Christ's righteousness covers no sin unrepented of. God has declared that those who receive Christ as their Redeemer, accepting Him as the One who takes away all sin, will receive pardon for their transgressions. These are the terms of our election. Man's salvation depends upon his receiving Christ ...
  3. I Judas Iscariot part 5

    Why didn’t I repent? Perhaps for the same reason many people don’t. Repentance requires humility. It requires self-abasement and a change of heart. You have to be willing to turn around and face resolutely in the opposite direction. It is the hardest thing a man or woman ever has to do. It was so hard that I refused to do it. Yet it is the only way to have peace. It is more than an inner loathing of yourself. It is a longing for Christ and His love and forgiving grace that changes the heart, ...

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  4. I Judas Iscariot part 4

    I was shocked. Jesus’ words stung. I thought her anointing was to point Him to a crown, not a cross! Well, I guess she was pointing Him to a crown, a crown of thorns as it turned out. The crown of gold that Jesus wears now is not an earthly crown. If you look carefully you can see her up on the wall over there, kneeling at His feet.

    Jesus’ words rankled me. I was exposed, unmasked. My stark naked soul left me angry at Christ. He seemed to read my thoughts. For the first time, ...

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  5. I Judas Iscariot part 3

    I was a man who had a spiritual cancer growing inside. Let me illustrate. Back before the apocalypse, we had creatures called butterflies. They were glorious winged creatures that came from caterpillars. Not all caterpillars became butterflies. Scientists said that a certain type of fly would lay an egg under the skin of a caterpillar. When the egg would hatch, the larvae would feed on the developing butterfly. The caterpillar felt no pain and went right on living the life of a caterpillar with ...

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