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  1. Do you know the difference between

    I am thinking about writing a book about knowing the difference between. Here is a sample chapter, Do you know the difference between the U.S. Post Office and the U.S. Postal Service? Too many people lack discernment and they do not know the difference between a great many things. They appear to uninformed, unaware and unconcerned.
    Bubba said, it sounds like they don't give a shit.

    Here are possible chapter titles for the book
    The difference between...

    Rant and Ventilate
  2. The Purpose and Function of the Districts

    Here is a verification that the purpose of the Districts is to pay off the debts of the United States.

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  3. A Biblical Study Of The Christ Within Human Mind

    The Bible doesn't have anything to do with religion but it has everything to do with the levels of consciousness....That is, to be awake and aware of the evolution of the human mind....From Genesis to Revelation....If you are going to look at the Bible, the first thing your going to have to look at is in the beginning starting with Genesis and the Garden of Eden....And the first thing you are going to have to ask yourself is: "Is this history story to be taken verbatim, that is to say, literally ...
  4. I die Daily

    Do you remember in the story when God was trying to show Moses the power he had....This is before Moses told God that he couldn't go to Egypt...You know...Moses said no way that I can do this...I mean Pharaoh has a big place I just can't do it!.... Moses didn't believe that he had any power so God decided that He would manifest conscious and unconscious elements in the mind of Moses and bring his fears and conflicts into his conscious mind...Another words it was show time ....Exodus 4:2 "And ...
  5. Two Bay Horses

    Two Bay Horses

    There is a story of a man borrowing money and being asked for collateral. He said he had two Bay Horses, leading the lender to believe he was talking about the four footed kind, as in live animals. So, horses were listed and the loan was funded, the lender never being the wiser to the fact he had funded a loan with collateral actually being only SAW HORSES, made from the wood of a Bay Tree! It was ALL imaginary, but it worked!

    Our entire system of commerce ...
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