• A-China-Ca update

    I just viewed this delightful confirmation about my A-China-Ca theories. This article recites my research into Public Law 94-564 Amendments to Bretton Woods and the Secret Jamaica Rambouillet Accord.

    I probably spend too little time learning Chinese while they have already cracked our national code - English..

    This is how I hear it this morning!

    I set this down around here but you can tell by the number 190 that I am still tracking "Surrounding Iran for China". I still suspect that imported Americans will be accepting work in the Ghost Cities.

    I spotted a telling title at number 133 too.


    David Merrill.
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    1. allodial's Avatar
      allodial -
      The Dragon's Gift: The Real Story of China in Africa (About China "in" Africa)


      I've heard stories about Chinese investors in the USA in "African-American" neighborhoods talking about things they intended to do in the manner of improvement to community, etc. almost as if they were foreign aid workers. Not saying that to be a bad thing. Just relating.
    1. Chex's Avatar
      Chex -
      China's growing embrace the world's leading experts in China's rise is to own [the] US.

      Its Godlike
    1. Chex's Avatar
      Chex -
      As it was on Thursday, June 21, 2012
    1. David Merrill's Avatar
      David Merrill -
      Quote Originally Posted by Chex View Post
      China's growing embrace the world's leading experts in China's rise is to own [the] US.

      Its Godlike

      Hi Chex;

      Are you saying that Godlikeproductions is Chinese?
    1. Chex's Avatar
      Chex -
      Not at all David. I was referring to the article from Godlike Productions, if anyone posing to be godlike it is the Federal Reserve’s monetary system. Its all about the US Gives China Eminent Domain Over US Property.

      I just don't want to be eating this .

      By the way the 31 USC 371 was nice.
    1. sam charles's Avatar
      sam charles -
      Thanks my brother
      Chex........Ya'll gotta see this shit....HOLY GRAIL?
    1. Chex's Avatar
      Chex -
      Skillet, You know David started it


      Full Monitor

      Yes there are two paths you can go on.
    1. David Merrill's Avatar
      David Merrill -
      I am not sure about starting it but it brings back memories.

      That guitar lead on Rocky Mountain Way - with the mouthing tube (whatever that's called) reminds me of Joe WALSH in City Auditorium. There was a little ledge in front of the speakers. I climbed up on the stage and was standing against the speakers for that. If you can imagine the sound going through you...

      There was a caveman living in Manitou (limestone formations) who played a rendition of that fellow's 1994 song. I thought he was the author until now:

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