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I suppose technically the first suitors to send donations for this website construction are the new Owners. These are people who redeem lawful money in every transaction and have therefore learned over time the benefits of highest title. - The distinction between ownership by buying something and residual ownership from the grantor of private credit kept by the Treasury.

I have very little experience with blogs, unless you consider near-daily conversations with people who have long completed a lesson plan, usually involving a fluff cause called Libel of Review to set up an evidence repository in the federal courthouse for the purpose of publishing a true judgment and learning Refusal for Cause. My thought is that my more subjective meanderings will end up here on my blog while items about history and law that I can provide source documentation and images about will be found in Articles and the Forum.

While it is obvious there is a class of people, courts of competent jurisdiction, among the members who have a private area my objective is that every reader will be able to visit, maybe register and become a member, and improve their ability to secure property in highest title as a benefit of the time they spend reading and learning here. I would call it allodium but that is a Roman (canon) Law term, like Freeman, that I once spouted, and have dropped upon learning more.

My ability until now, to escape entrapping myself into my belief sets by reforming them liberally, has been quite beneficial to myself and others around me called suitors. It has been much more than just entertainment for us all. I figure if I set up the initial format correctly, I can preserve some of that, maybe even a Category in the Forums - Reformed Belief Sets. - Where we can share how we drop useless mythologies and improve ourselves and our property rights. I am thinking that I will keep the highest evidence for my assertions on the front page Articles and Forums while I can be forgiven for mispeaking here on my blog.

I utilize echo chambers, for the purpose of bringing the best quality lesson plan about property ownership in America to the Suitors Group broadcasts. This means I have been using forums around the Internet to utilize both support and criticism, compared to Rules of Evidence in order to bring what I find to be true history and law, mathematics if you will being that I search for replicable mental models, and I have been bringing the best of what I find to the suitors. Now with this forum, having a blog I can call my own and to some extent by being able to name and help design this forum with consent of the Owners I intend to put the best of the best I have learned available to all the readers who may visit and read here.

I hope you will register and share your learning experience.


David Merrill.

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  1. David Merrill's Avatar
    In one day of our public opening I already feel this website is not all about me! Good Job!

    I hope if you read this, that you register and discover if you haven't already, how much fun it is to participate.
  2. Sovereignty's Avatar
    I'm available for learning....
  3. motla68's Avatar
    The current flow of life is always subject to change based upon the ultimate treasure, " knowledge ". It is a continuous journey with no destination until our bodies have given away to the dust in the wind..
  4. jjovel's Avatar
    An almost esotheric form of thinking, very inspiring Mr.Motla68, but there is a final moment in journey and that is when we are no more on the physical plane and have reach our spiritual potencial.For what is life?, this might be define by the human experience while in this third dimensional world we live in.
  5. motla68's Avatar
    Yes, I agree on spiritual potential. Most men and women view the literal image in the physical, certain media and other electronic devices block the ascension of consciousnous, even what is taught about the next dimension is about images, it is unseen that it is only a allegory of spiritual potential because thought cannot be taught it can only be learned. Men and women tap the 4th all the time without realising it, it is the second wind we get after thinking we cannot go further, performing remarkable feats in a emergency situation or if you ever heard of someone who drank so much they drank themselves straight. Once one learns how to tap this a little more it does remarkable things around you without paperwork and sometimes not signing anything either, the universe begins to change in your walk of this present life... Thanks for the reply and to STS for notifying me of it.
  6. David Merrill's Avatar
    At the time I did not understand why we were taking so much time settling a good software and on a $35 skin. This place is a breeze and looks good too.

    Thanks to you-know-who-you-are! You did excellent work setting this place up.
  7. Richard Earl's Avatar
    I second what David Merrill says. Thank you as well!