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Sections and Categories

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I am pondering Sections and Categories.

You may have noticed on the Front Page there are two widgets, which mean something much different in cyberspace I am sure. After gisting the article I am thinking that if properly utilized, the Category Widget and the Sections Widget would describe the website for people to immediately get to things they might find the most interesting.

I think we may have already described things well just on the forum listings, but I am not sure because I have just began to think distinguishing between Sections and Categories - like we see in the article. A widget I gather is a clever name for a tool to link easily into an area of interest.

The SJC Throwback area seems to be categories, while the Lesson Plan about remedy is devided into sections. So I thinks that maybe we could try plugging those in like that; but the Sections and Categories are right there to see anyway, so I am probably missing something.

A widget might be a way to break out subcategories should I start using them. So what I was thinking of as threads within a category, or now as I am educated by the article that includes sections, would be like sub-categories and sub-sections? I just think of them as threads...

It is kind of an entertaining mental game though; you gotta admit!

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  1. David Merrill's Avatar
    I took a look about what to do when my blogs come up "uncategorized". I am actually starting to care.

    To my right I see that I have only one local category - "uncategorized". As I catch on to the difference between sections and categories I suppose I will find the control panel to categorize my blog area, better than just titling them like threads.