"And now, the Rest of the Story". Calling Dr Walker Todd to the stand for the defense

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Some very revealing testimony by Dr. Walker Todd, Federal Reserve Lawer and Expert witness for the Defense. 132 Pages of un-molested text which I received directly from a trusted and well known source seeking fair justice, & the Truth on the Record in the Court. The torchbearer for "American's with Class", a group whom I support, in every way possible, the real man who is working for all Americans on his own dime and by donation...Rodney-Dale:Class.

He has, or rather his numerous supporters have several websites. The present main site is at and therein provides tangible documented proof of every element of the arguments he makes and the conclusions presented in his state and federal court cases taking the fight to the enemy by making them choke on their own words. So far, NO State or Federal Court has been able to make even a peep following the receipt of Rods paperwork on licensed travel and income taxes in America. Check it out!! An actual American Patriot!

Check him out if you are not already familiar with his work. No Paytriot Psychobabble Bullshit, just the facts and the law as it is now understood, thanks to Rod and his team.[/QUOTE]

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