The Original R4C in the modern civil era?

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[B]In attempting to get my mind arounf the R4C and how to implement it is appears Leroy & company used it as well.

Can someone help describe the difference in the latest version and any benefits herein obtained by the "new" version ?


R.G. The son of J.S.


Fergus county court
country of Montana
Common Law venue - - supreme Court

refusal for cause without dishonor

united States of America )
Montana state { organic } ) ss. before our Justices' Petersen, Schweitzer, Skurdal
Fergus county )

TO: office of supreme Court clerk, c/o office of supreme Court Justices'; and,
John T. Mitchell; Ward A. Shanahan; David C. Dalthorp; GOUGH, SHANAHAN, JOHNSON, & WATERMAN;

By special appearance only, not voluntarily, nor generally, over my will and against my objections, I, Richard E. Wilson, through special assistance of counsel in Common Law venue, original and exclusive jurisdiction hereby present refusal for cause without dishonor upon purported summons in purported case no. BDV-95-372 concerning purported plaintiff JOHN T. MITCHELL, specially presenting notice to the legal fiction MONTANA FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT, LEWIS AND CLARK COUNTY, a legislative created tribunal d/b/a compact party state of Montana via agency for the District of Columbia.

The purported summons was not signed by the office of clerk of court;
The purported summons was not signed by the deputy clerk;
The purported deputy clerk was not elected by the People;
The purported hearing officer has a conflict of interest;
The purported plaintiff is represented by a title of nobility;
The purported plaintiff did not bond his affidavit;
The purported plaintiff did not file for record an affidavit;
The purported court is not a court of record;
The purported clerk of court is not ex officio recorder in and for Lewis and Clark county;
Demurrers are presented in U.C.C. § 1-103;
The legislative created tribunal cannot usurp trial by jury of peers;
The legislative created tribunal cannot usurp exclusive jurisdiction for supreme Court quiet title;
The legislative created tribunal officers must make timely answer to supreme Court quiet title;
Nisi prius process is void ab initio upon failure to make timely answer to Common Law venue, original and exclusive quiet title in matters relating to private property Rightfully owned by Richard E. Wilson;
The titles of nobility have not placed upon public record a bond in the legislative created tribunal;
Fergus county-court has not granted leave to any titles of nobility to enter into exclusive quiet title cause of action;
The MONTANA FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT, LEWIS AND CLARK COUNTY are standing in default for their failure to make answer to writ of error;
By the failure to make answer to writ of error, any purported judgment obtained from the nisi prius judge in the MONTANA FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT, LEWIS AND CLARK COUNTY is rendered null and void at its inception;
The purported findings of fact, conclusions of law, order granting permanent injunction and judgment awarding damages is null and void by the fact no trial by jury occurred at the demand of Richard E. Wilson causing reversible error for willful violations of Article of amendment the Seventh of our national Constitution;
THOMAS C. HONZEL is not a verified signature on purported order;
David C. Dalthorp failed to post bond in the legislative created tribunal prior to entering signature in purported court process in the above styled nisi prius court;
Jeffrey M. Sherlock purported to sign a court process while being in contempt of court for failure to answer writ of error, judgment having been taken against the nisi prius ministerial officer by default;

Jeffrey M. Sherlock could not have signed court process against Richard E. Wilson while standing in default for the sum certain amount of Six Hundred Forty Thousand ( 640,000.00 ) upon U.C.C. lien duly filed for record in our country of Montana;

Judgment in favor of Richard E. Wilson against the defendants in error above named was duly entered into Fergus county court by our Justices' causing the purported summons above described to be a moot issue.

This refusal for cause is true, correct and certain; and, “Again, you have heard it was decreed to the ancients, that you shall not perjure yourselves, but give up your vow to the Lord. But I tell you in short, Do not vow at all; not by heaven, for that is the throne of God; nor by the earth, because that is His footstool; nor by Jerusalem, for that is the city of the great King. Neither vow by your head, because you are not able to make a single hair white or black. But let your language be ‘Yes, yes’; ‘No, no’: for whatever exceeds these proceeds from evil.” “Holy Scriptures” Matthew 5:33 Ferrar Fenton

teste meipso this ____ day of June, in the year of our Mighty One, Yahweh,
through our Redeemer, Yahshua the Messiah, Nineteen Hundred Ninety Five, A.D..
per curiam: __________________________________________________ __________________
Richard E. Wilson, Justice pro tempore

notary public Seal: __________________________________________________ _____
Rodney O. Skurdal, duly appointed, commissioned, empowered and privately bonded.
I, Rodney O. Skurdal, notary public in our County and State aforesaid, hereby attest and acknowledge the above described document as true, correct and certain, duly signed before me by the freeman character known to me as Richard E. Wilson, on this _____ , day of June, Nineteen Hundred Ninety Five, A.D..

Fees: ____________________ , Postage: __________________________ , Affidavit: ____________________ ,
Oath: ____________________ , Mileage: __________________________ , Misc:, ______________________ .
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