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Three Thousands of an Inch

That’s the thickness of a dollar bill. Or, a five, twenty, hundred…doesn’t matter, they are all the same. Three thousands is expressed mathematically as .003”.
Just so you know…yeah, I measured one with a micrometer.

So, if you stack ‘em up, how many does it take to make a stack one inch high?

Let’s see:

1/.003= 333.333 That’s three hundred thirty three and one third dollars, make a stack of bills one inch high. There is no such thing as one third of a dollar but, we’ll keep the third for now, it’ll be important in the next step.


Twelve inches to the foot so, 12x333.333= 3999.996. We’re close enough now to say four thousand bills make a stack one foot high.


Five thousand, two hundred and eighty feet in a mile so, 4000x5280 = 21,120,000. That’s twenty one million, one hundred twenty, thousand bills, make a stack one mile high. Did I get that right?

Lets stack ‘em up. Billion and trillion. It goes in zeros. Three zeros in a thousand and a thousand, thousands are just three more zeros which is a million. And, three more zeros, a thousand million, is a billion. And, a thousand billion, three more zeros, is a trillion. Having fun yet? …..Look:

1,000 is a thousand
1,000,000 is a million
1.000,000,000 is a billion
1000,000,000,000 is a trillion

Now! How high is a trillion dollar stack of bills? Nothing to it…it’s
1,000,000,000,000 / 21,120,000 = 47348.48484845. Will it be OK if we say it’s forty seven thousand, three hundred forty eight and one half miles high? ….Wow!

And the national debt is?......Twenty trillion. So…20 x 47,348.5 = 946,969.696969697 Miles high stack!!!

The moon ?....Yeah baby…..why not! The moon is 238,900 miles away from the earth.
So, come close and look here .. 946,969.696969697 / 238,900 = 3.96387….
That is to the moon and back,…..then go again…. to the moon and back. That’s two trips there and back. That’s dollar bills -NOT END TO END- but stacked. That’s four stacks each 238,900 miles high. That’s the national debt and you an’t gonna pay it off.

Now listen to me. Obama didn’t do it. He only did what he was told. The Boys that run the world told him to. And, they were instructed by the one they follow, the “Prince of this world”. It is his world……temporarily

All the world is broke and in debt. Why?.. How? Poor management? Graft? Corruption? Year…maybe some… but really, it is by design and it is simple. –ALL- money is borrowed into existence. You can borrow the money into existence-BUT- you can not borrow interest. The principle is issued. The interest on the principle is not issued, it is only received!.... Lets state it as a law. The law of destruction.


Whose fault is it? It is the impostors, the whited sepulchers, the wolf in sheeps cloths, the one who did not know who his neighbor was, the one who sowed tares among the wheat, the one you should not rent your vineyard out to, the one whose house was left unto him, desolate. It is those who were driven from the Temple with a whip on their back, those that say they are but, they are not. It is those, they were gathered in fear of.. in the upper room, on the day of Pentecost…….. It is the Edomites, whose father is the father of lies. It is the ones Christ identified over and over and over, again and again and again. It is the ones who attend the Synagogue of Satan.
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