Qualified For Salvation?

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CHRISTIANS like to enunciate Christs sacrifice on the cross for salvation, but say utterly nothing regarding the need for obedience to the teachings of Jesus Christ, to make one qualified for that salvation.

Paul states in Hebrews 5:9...... And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him;

And.....The Apostle Paul mandated one to receive Jesus Christ as Lord for salvation.

Romans 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

But.....Romans 10:16 "But they have NOT ALL OBEYED THE 'GOSPEL'. For Esaias saith, "Lord, who hath believed our report?"

Paul is quoting here from Isaiah 52:7; "How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth GOOD TIDINGS, that PUBLISHETH PEACE; that BRINGETH GOOD TIDINGS OF GOOD, that PUBLISHETH SALVATION; that saith unto Zion, "Thy God reigneth!"

So we have Christians confessing Jesus as Lord, but what about the GOSPEL?...What does the 'GOSPEL' of JESUS say about SAVATION?

Luke 6:46 Why do you call me Lord and not do the things I tell you to do.

And if one deems that salvation is possible without compliance to Jesus gospel teachings...contemplate and deliberate on this.

Matthew 7:26 And every one that hears these sayings of mine, and does not do them, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand:
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  1. David Merrill's Avatar
    I find the Christians depending upon a completely apolitical interpretation. They espouse obedience, from what I have heard, but the guidance/seminary is oriented around keeping business alive.

    Of course, anybody reading me on or here would probably agree that what you are calling salvation, I am calling redemption.
  2. kelly's Avatar
    David...I agree redemption or regeneration...I'm using their terms.

    I grew up in a Baptist church and most Baptist groups that I've ever been affiliated with held to a doctrine that's similar to Calvinism’s Perseverance of the Saints, called “Once Saved, Always Saved” [OSAS] while omitting the rest of the Calvinism’s TULIP belief system. Meaning you need not do anything more for the rest of your life...Why?... because your one small moment of faith has sealed you for all eternity.....OSAS is based on Romans 8:35-39...Maybe that's why so many people continually walked down the altar call isles....They felt guilty and didn't really believe what they were being told....So they had to be saved every week.
  3. xparte's Avatar
    We are faced with an extraordinary anomaly in our age for we are told by materialistic research: ‘You are wrong if you believe that Christian documents point to the man Jesus of Nazareth. Rather must you convince yourselves that the Gospels or other documents are referring to a God and that the stories only have meaning and significance when one speaks of a God at the starting-point of Christianity.’
    I discovered that Jesus of Nazareth must be spoken of as a God! Yet this is the age and the same kind of research that can see no reality at all in a ‘God,’ that is to say in a purely spiritual Being. What, therefore, has the Christ become to modern research? He has become a poetical image, a figure that has only entered history as a mere ‘idea,’ as an impulse created by the social imagination of man. According to the most modern historical research the Christ has become an imaginary God. To put it bluntly, we may say: Historical research has here arrived at something of which it can make no use; for what is modern research to make of a God in whom it cannot really believe? The only proof it has is that the biblical documents are speaking of a God — whom, however, the modern mind can only relegate to the realm of poetry.In studying the Gospels, we may ask ourselves: What experiences had an ancient Persian or Egyptian candidate for Initiation to undergo when his soul was to rise to direct vision of the spiritual world? Instructions were given with regard to a certain process which it was necessary for him to undergo — a ‘Baptism’ and again a ‘Temptation,’ up to the point where the soul was led out to a vision of the spiritual world — and these were, so to speak, the ritual of Initiation. When we compare such rituals with the essential features in the various Gospels we find, in these Gospels, the reconstructed descriptions of the old Initiation ceremonies — but with reference to the great historical individuality of Jesus of Nazareth. Then, through what history itself records, we see that whereas in earlier times the candidates for Initiation were led into the spiritual world in the seclusion of the Mystery Temples, Jesus of Nazareth reached the point where he was not only able to tell of a spiritual world in remembrance, but where he could unite himself with a Being Who hitherto had not been united with any human individual, — with the Christ-Being. Thus there is a far-reaching correspondence between the descriptions of ancient Initiation processes and the narratives of the development of Jesus of Nazareth up to the point where the Christ took possession of his soul and continued in possession for three years. In the descriptions of all that Jesus of Nazareth passed through — and the most exact are to be found in the Gospel of St. John — we have that Initiation which arises as a result of the mighty, divine-spiritual events underlying history.Gospels had only reached a point where they were able to bear witness to the fact that there is indeed a spiritual world and the human soul belongs to it. When this world-historical Initiation broke in upon Jesus of Nazareth, however, he could unite his inner nature with the loftiest of all Beings, of Whom the previous Initiates were able to retain a remembrance. All ancient Initiations pointed forward to this event, were conducted in accordance with what was to come. So long as man does not believe that at a certain point of time on the Earth the Christ permeated the being of Jesus of Nazareth; so long as he does not believe that mighty forces stream out from this event as an impulse for all later human development — so long will he fail to understand the significance of the Christ Impulse for the evolution of mankind. Only when as a result of all other teachings of Spiritual Science we can acknowledge the reality of a spiritual event such as this, can we understand what entered into human evolution through the Christ Impulse. Then, moreover, we shall not set any less value on the Gospels because we find in them four different rituals as understandings into which the events connected with the historical person of Jesus of Nazareth are woven, but we shall realise that what happened through this event in Palestine is of deep and primordial significance for all the later evolution of mankind being us we have the tiny innermost kernel of being, although indeed present in man, had not entered directly into human consciousness. Spiritual slumber. Together the age when men could know: In Ego there is revealed, in man himself, what he possesses in common with the whole Cosmos or Christ The quest for the God and the primordial Divine Being, not in the ‘soul-sheaths’ but in the true Ego — this was what Christianity, the Christ Impulse, or Christ brought into human evolution. Hitherto man could say: ‘My soul is rooted in Divinity. Divinity is the creative formative impulse.’ Now however he learnt to say: ‘If I would know where the deepest Divinity, permeating all worlds, can be revealed to me, I must look into my own Ego; for through my own Ego God speaks to me. In my ordinary consciousness He speaks to me when I rightly understand how, through the divine forces entered into mankind — when I know that mans Gospel was fulfilled there as one mighty historical event, whereas previously and current church fathers led layman inner no experience of the spiritual world in the depths of the inner Temples. Service of those Gospels are still valuable but vailed .Jerome got Luke,s it was written in Hebrew the omissions are again historical Having received an excellent classical Latin education at Rome, Jerome became .... tradition identifying a separate apostolic source for the gospel of Luke.My interest is nothing short of the Christs getaways with JC not religious but the business and intelligence his knowledge teaches self .
  4. kelly's Avatar
    I agree that the Gospel is valuable...But to what good if vailed?...Most churched people follow the group egoism...that is, marching in step that creates an illusory boundary ...I'm not allowed the ask questions...And, if one does, he's made to feel guilty or look bad in front of his peer group....This is church by communism...The individual is never allowed to learn the truth of what Christ taught....So it remains hidden truth.....what ever happened to the teaching of selflessness of altruism in church houses?...It seems to me to be more about money and control that's bolstered by half truths...In this sense the Gospel is NOT valuable!....They are not teaching what Christ taught!...So what good is it?
  5. David Merrill's Avatar
    I took a class in Science of Mind taught by a former Roman Catholic priest, who boasted that the diocese or whatever would take him back in a heartbeat. So I italicize former. He admitted to the students that the Vatican knows Jesus was married to Mary MAGDALENE but still held the false esoteric that Jesus died physically on the Cross.
  6. David Merrill's Avatar
    Are you qualified for Redemption?

    Make your Demand.

    But do you qualify? Are you willing to take responsibility?

    One of the thieves being tortured with Jesus took responsibility for his punishment. The other did not. Therefore only one found the Kingdom that day.
  7. David Merrill's Avatar
    P.S. Only ONE found the Kingdom that day. Jesus and the responsible man were one in the Kingdom.
  8. xparte's Avatar
    Gospel or the good news well church needed bad news or no good comes from a saviour Christ was Petalized or kicked upstairs the church did not want him around when he was living but she real speaks well of the dead .Your journey is joining those Gospels with Christs blood to navigate the truth is redeem his message no guru no church no shit.Gospels said Christ got killed in a card game well authenticity is authority = MASSES [Speaks we must have speaks]knowledge luciferin or pagan wisdom separated with Christs message.
  9. kelly's Avatar
    I agree with you....I'm still learning and I continue to search for truth.

    The following is why I will never joint Groups or Churches: What does anyone think would happen If I was to go into a church house today and announce that we are individualized manifestations of God, of the Divine Mind?...And then claim That the " significantly important child" known as the Christ, lies temporarily inactive within each one of us, and can only be given "birth" in us when we recognize the divine realization that the "I" within each of us is that same "I" Christ spoke of some 2000 years ago when He said, " I and my Father are One.!"....God is the I AM within us!...Which sets the creative action in motion when we think and we think as we perceive ourselves to be!...Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God.....

    The I AM within each one of us is the Father!....The controlled churches of the World have fallen way short, of the spiritual consciousness of the oneness with God realization, through their own egoism made up concept of the Spiritual Rebirth, which is actively encourage by the Evangelical churches of the World,...In my opinion, it is impossible for the average brainwashed church pew person to acquire any realization of this. Only when one is actively searching for truth will one realize that the I AM within us is the Father....Otherwise one will never realize or even come close to effectively function in a consciousness of Oneness in the Christ Mind! God is the real life actuality of each one of us....Realize this, WE ARE ALL ONE, and GOD is that ONE! But for lack of knowledge of who and what we are....we create as we deem ourselves to be, and thus do we create the belief system that separate and divide us. Is it any surprise that the World is in such a state of confusion, upheaval, and uncertainty?...If one must seek God...Look in the mirror but look beyond your face into your the Universal Mind made in the image and likeness of God.
  10. David Merrill's Avatar
    You are the way, the light and the life - they only read about.

    Maynard James
  11. kelly's Avatar
    Agreed!...unfortunately true!
  12. xparte's Avatar
    Truth Maybe i shouldn't have said it but i meant what i said .
    The “Christian conscience” lacks Christ, as its never made any certain sense to me, yet Individual self has one increasing measure as human souls become more and more conscious of the presence of Christ, and the saying of Paul becomes true: “Not I, but Christ in me!”
    More and more will souls be imbued with the consciousness that a man ought not to say merely what he “thinks”, but must prove the objective truth of what he says.
    Christ will be for the soul a teacher of truth, a teacher of the highest sense of responsibility. In these ways He will permeate souls when they come to experience the whole import of the saying: “Not I, but Christ in me.”When one is never ashamed to take Christ downtown for a beer Jesus is just alright.the way he is, He isnt trying to be me just joining thoughts tidying up whats been told and whats been sold.
    I don't care what they may say, I don't care what they may do
    I don't care what they may say, Jesus is just alright, oh yeah
    Jesus is just alright.
  13. kelly's Avatar The link you gave was blocked....This one has a great sound!
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  14. kelly's Avatar
    No man has existence, life, reality, or actuality in and upon himself? The only thing that has reality is the Source [GOD]..... God [the Source] did not give existence to the person you imagine or presume yourself to be!...One's earthly family line progenitors [That's Mom and Pop] did that when they named you upon your birth!....But.... Your name does not make up or account for WHO you really are....nor does it amount to or add up to WHAT you really are… it only associates or connects you with the mom and pop Earthly Family. Your name, is only who you THINK you are. There is not anything... no single thing...nada apart from the Source or save for the Source.....AND… the Source, has an ID identification and ITS identity is "I". There is nothing [That's diddly-squat] besides "IT"!...Why do you think God said "I AM THAT I AM"?....HE'S The Source… God is the I AM within us. He is "IT".... the Source that says "I am Kelly" Or "I am whomever". There is no one else! We are ALL One and that ONE is God [the Source]....HE is the I AM within us!...Same as the Vine gives existence to the branch.... "HE" is the "cause" and "substance "of every "Thing", and… no "Thing" has any existence apart from, besides or, in addition to HIM!...Why does the Bible say to live a spiritualized life by disciplining your actions…"do unto others as you would have them do unto you"..."Love thy neighbor as thyself… "thou shalt not murder"… "thou shalt not bear false witness"… etc., etc.,....?... Man is God embodied substantiate....God wants temples to be established in the spiritual consciousness of man, but Instead, there are countless huge mega church building structures with immense congregations being indoctrinated in churchianity, but very few people who are truly in touch with Christ from within. Until the church world or the world in general perceive the meaning of, grasp the idea of, or comprehend this there will always be denominational division and divisiveness among religion....Which always brings on war that tries to force love and peace....The Kingdom of God Can NOT be taken by force!
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  15. David Merrill's Avatar
    Interestingly, most people say Maynard James is saying "Wings" - "Give me my wings!" When I listen it says, "Give me my Word." Which is to say, "Conjoin me in the Creative Process."

    This is an interesting variation in contrast to your assertion Kelly. Not to say you are wrong. I am not saying that.

    If I am communicating, I am creating. Only like beings can truly communicate and it feels like you are parroting back things I say, feel and think so I gather we are of the same ORDER. This order will be described as OFFICE.

    VAN PELT (Son of the Patroon) is my OFFICE. My Title is David Merrill - Beloved Teacher of God. Variations compose my Christian or given name or names; and my family name or surname - together comprising a legal or full name, the name of a TRUST and as constructive, it is expressed as GOVERNMENT ISSUE in the proper ALL UPPER CASE format. A certificate of live birth designs in contemplation a registration with potential for becoming a corporation-like "individual" capable of suing and being sued, and likewise responsible for settling charges caused by violating or offending the government trustee, creating liability for the CONSTRUCTIVE TRUST.

    So my actions define my Name, my Word. Am I good for my Word?

    Enjoy a listen - Give me My WORD!

    More on this at a new thread.
  16. kelly's Avatar
    David...This is mostly all new to me...I believe that just being aware of the separation of the conscious mind from the subconscious allows me to evolve to a certain degree unconsciously as you [And I don't want to put words into your mouth] might that every solitary moment of life can be an evolution of learned experience that's gives me permission to learn through trial and error...reaching the correct solution and than gathering and stockpiling that memory.....I admit to a slow learning curve...Sometimes I misspeak probably because I fall back into my old self.

    I've come to believe that the creative force of love is to fulfill my obligation to know all parts of myself...As you might say, And if that's correct with your thinking, I thank you for that and if not I apologize...because this is an evolutionary process.....towards the infinite being of "I AM".
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  17. kelly's Avatar
    David...It might be said, as the apostle Paul stated, that we are dying, so that we may live. Every instant that has past before us must end, so that the new moment can be resurrected or regenerated from that past moment to be unveiled.

    "It is necessary, in the first place, to turn our attention constantly and continuously to the higher ideal which we wish to realise; to the highest ideal we can form of truth, goodness, and beauty. In proportion as we can do this we shall find truth, goodness, and beauty becoming realised in our nature. The practical outcome of an intelligent realisation of the existence of our higher divine Self, is the opening up, as it were, of a channel of communication through which the higher can flow into, and manifest in, the lower. There is an actual structural alteration in the physical body and nerve centres. Every thought conditions a definite physiological change. We shut out the higher possibilities by thought alone, by thinking ourselves separate. Just in proportion as we think of ourselves as divine, in proportion as we realise that the divine is within us, shall we come to a conscious realisation of our divine nature and powers. Nor is there any other path by which this may be accomplished."

    William Kingsland, Scientific Idealism
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  18. David Merrill's Avatar
    Pay to the Order of David Merrill.

    Until just lately I had not registered how exactly that sounds as, "Send your charitable contribution to My ORDER." I am David Merrill and I belong to the ORDER of...

    Fill in the blank!
  19. xparte's Avatar
    Spiritual knowledge, however, has never died out; it is always safeguarded somewhere, and there are individuals in every age who are able to obtain it. It was saved even through the period in which it counted for least, from the fifteenth to the nineteenth centuries, being preserved like a fine thread. Those of us whom holding no expectations from the materialistic path into the spiritual world perceived something else as well. I of the opinion that our modern way of feeling and thinking, as it has developed in the last centuries, trained and developed so that out of clear-headed and materialistic methods a knowledge then can develop gradually that which can even work in a sufficiently penetrating way to get under the surface of things and into the spirit of things nothing is free. That is what the real method of spiritual science ought to be — to enter into the spiritual world along the same path that man has entered into nature during the last three or four centuries. All that is necessary is a further development of the scientific habits that mankind has evolved in this period. The point is that in a corresponding way, through a real exertion and effort, avoiding indolence, man has to develop further the thinking habits already evolved. Walk through yellowstone without a rifle or lighten a homeless mans route. Scientific research into statistical habitual behaviour a warning shot for Yellowstone never get those Grizzly charges who's court or domain is it.And a homeless man doesn't need a ride to yellowstone.