Two Bay Horses

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Two Bay Horses

There is a story of a man borrowing money and being asked for collateral. He said he had two Bay Horses, leading the lender to believe he was talking about the four footed kind, as in live animals. So, horses were listed and the loan was funded, the lender never being the wiser to the fact he had funded a loan with collateral actually being only SAW HORSES, made from the wood of a Bay Tree! It was ALL imaginary, but it worked!

Our entire system of commerce is imaginary and it works. Many feel like it is going to stop working because we have almost reached the point where it will be revealed the horses are actually saw horses.

Money changers, bankers, have always made a living off the backs of others. If you want to know what Christ thought of them, read where he made a whip of small cords, turned their tables over and chased them out with the whip on their back! Former President Andrew Jackson threw out the bankers, so to speak, when he made the Bank of Boston, America’s central bank at the time, account for the money and then rescinded their charter. The banker killed himself. An attempt to kill President Jackson failed and for seventy years America operated without a central bank. The United States treasury, as intended, full filled its roll as the nation’s banker.

The bankers, parasites that they are, never get far from their host. December 23, 1913 President Woodrow Wilson, succumbed to enticements of the bankers and once again betrayed America back into their hands with the signing of the Federal Reserve Act. The office of the Secretary of the Treasury was created and the Treasurer of the United States became a figure head, fit only to rubber stamp the actions of the Secretary of the Treasury.

Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act creating a franchise, giving America’s finances to a private banking carted. The Federal Reserve actually paid a franchise fee to the U.S. Treasury for the first few years of operation. However, in twenty years time, the interest being charged by the bankers was more than their franchise fee costs and Uncle Sam owed them money! The United States Government was broke! Bankrupt!

At 1:00 a.m. on Monday, March 6, 1933 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued Proclamation 2039 ordering the suspension of all banking transactions, effective immediately, closed the banks, made it illegal to own gold and declared paper bank notes as “legal tender”. Subsequently, accounts were established for everyone engaging in commerce and using bank notes. Everyone born, had their birth registered and became surety, collateral, for the bankers. It is impossible to operate without a Social Security number and a Birth Certificate. Each year we account for and pay “them” for use of “their” credit. We complete and return their form 1040 by April 15. It details how much of their credit we used and how much we owe them for use of it.

It is a Satanic system in which we are the surety, the collateral, the “Two Bay Horses”.
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  1. David Merrill's Avatar
    I was shown an interesting video on the brain trust yesterday...

    I heard a similar story at the Wichita National Grand Jury - but it was a time-share race horse. The guy who owned it on Tuesdays bet it against the guy who owned it on Thursdays in a race on Saturday.

    Not enough gold for the run in 1933. Not enough horse to race on Saturday...
    Updated 05-30-16 at 03:19 PM by David Merrill