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  1. C. S. significance when placed after a signature?

    Anyone know the legal (or otherwise) significance of the abbreviation "C. S." when placed after a signature?

    Example: First Middle Last, C.S. (This is your Signature)

    John Quincy Doe, C.S.
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    Modification to R4C Clerk Instruction

    What this poster is saying might be true if he had the facts straight. Unfortunately, he does not have the facts straight for everyone who might become involved in an issue such as this, and...
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    What does V.C. stand for?

    What does V.C. stand for? And what does it mean in law?
  4. Tell Rep. White he needs to bone up on his...

    Tell Rep. White he needs to bone up on his history and find out that there is no choice. Or be willing to expose the fraud ongoing for more than two centuries. Don't think he'll be considering the...
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    Jurisdictional Challenge

    Never argue in an administrative court. It engages you in the benefit of discussion which allows a general appearance in that court. That's where you made your mistake.

    If you want success, the...
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    A bridge between courts of common law and courts of equity

    The question (or fact) remains: could they then apply common law remedies as in a court of law. For anyone who has studied law as it is applied in the real world of corporations and legal fictions,...
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    What Is a Silver Certificate Dollar Worth?

    Finally, someone with some common sense in mind.

    Look back in history in order to determine the course of the present.
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    Keep in mind the following maxim of law: Talis non est eadem, nam nullum simile est idem. What is like is not the same, for nothing similar is the same.

    Some folks are promoting this idea of the...
  9. You might want to try the following verbiage,...

    You might want to try the following verbiage, also, as it states the matter in plain enough English that few, if any, will be able to argue with it:

    "Deposited for credit on account in, or...
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    Treaties vs the Constitution

    And all international law is law for legal fictions. Something to keep at the forefront of one's thinking.
  11. Currently being denied my deposit with demand to redeem lawful money

    It cannot be over-turned except by the Congress in which it was first passed, which opportunity has long since passed by, and to attempt to repeal it would be a fraud upon the public. Otherwise, one...
  12. Difference between legal and natural "person"

    Anyone know the difference within statutory law between a "legal person" and a "natural person"? Aren't both considered fictitious "persons" by government courts, and therefore under their...
  13. "Court" Opinion On Land Patents

    Haven't had an opportunity to look at the PDF yet.

    But with regard to the comment above, the property tax is not unlawful if one consents to it. Trouble is, the majority of property owners...
  14. Would the prosecutor please identify...

    It depends on what kind of matter is being brought whether or not a prosecutor is present in the initial stage of the court process.

    If a matter has gotten to the point where a prosecutor is...
  15. Further proof from a state senator...

    With statists and attorneys, the devil is always in the details.

    Watch what they say and see if it squares up with the question you asked. It rarely, if ever, will. Nevertheless, you have to stay...
  16. Further proof from a state senator...

    Notice in the last paragraph that the Arizona Attorney General, Bob Corbin, cleverly only addresses "that no individual citizen is a 'sovereign'; all citizens are subject to lawfully enacted state...
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    Interesting that you should post this. I came...

    Interesting that you should post this.

    I came across the following commentary by billionaire Hugo Salinas Price, in which he used the very same word (barbarians) to describe the appearance on the...
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    Acceptance For Value - What it is

    I'm in agreement with you there, David. Easier said than done, though.

    Although by all rights, it shouldn't be. Ignorance and mental conditioning aside.
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    Acceptance For Value - What it is

    What constituted publication?

    If more people knew how to do this, it might begin a snowball effect.
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    She obviously doesn't understand law. The thumb...

    She obviously doesn't understand law. The thumb print is a seal; and a biometric seal at that!

    This is an opportunity to push it back in her face: "Ignorance of the law is no excuse!"
  21. The International Monetary Fund Global Currency Reset

    Here's the corrected link:
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    How to Slay the corporate Dragon

    Thanks for the heads up, ag. I don't have enough time to keep up with the various new personalities that arrive at this forum. So, the heads up is appreciated. :)

    Appreciate your thoughts....
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    How to Slay the corporate Dragon

    You need to go back to the drawing board and study law before you go out proselytizing about how to achieve remedy spouting the bilge you're spouting. If people were to blindly listen to and follow...
  24. Arbitration clauses vs. inviolate right to Jury trial

    I would agree with you here, Jethro, without knowing anything of the details about which you speak. Fraud vitiates a contract. I would think that allows one to proceed in law. The fraud must first be...
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    Another trick the courts are using re: R4C

    Pretty much what happened, without going into all the detail, is what David posted as the last message in a similar thread over at

    In other words:
    I handed the judge his...
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