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Thread: The Office of the Promotion and Propagation of Buggery

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    The Office of the Promotion and Propagation of Buggery

    Was the authority to promote buggery ever delegated to any officer of the United States or to any officer of any state of the United States? Was the authority given to any of them to promote practices which promote disease, sickness and illness? Is it ultra vires or intra vires for the holder of public office to promote buggery or any sexual-oriented fetish? How can any peace officer whose duty to promote health promote buggery without going against their oath of office? Is the promotion of buggery exposing public officers to personal liability? Does official or sovereign immunity cover those who act in opposition to their duty to promote public health? Was the U.S. government ever delegated authority to make it unlawful to promote health? Does saying picking your butt and sticking your finger in your mouth is disgusting mean you hate the person that does such? Is pointing out the dangers of sticking your finger in your butt and then putting it in your mouth amount to a hate crime?

    If a town, city or village or state has a duty to "to promote the general welfare of the town and the safety, health, peace, good order, comfort, convenience, and morals of its inhabitants" how can buggery be official promoted without it being a criminal or an ultra vires act?

    Even if all consenting adults have the right to do whatever they please with each other in private: when were public officers ever granted or delegated any authority whatsoever or given any duty or power whatsoever to promote a fetish such as buggery especially when such a fetish is known to cause sickness, disease and illness? When were public officers ever granted or delegated any authority whatsoever or given any duty or power whatsoever to promote any sexual-oriented fetish? What is next: the Office of the Promotion & Propagation of Buggery? The Office of Anal Beads? The Inspector General of Nipple Clampers and Spankings? The Director of National Asphyxia? Public office is being used as a ground to promote sexually-oriented fetishes as "lifestyles" and to encourage treating those who have an affinity for a given fetish or set of fetishes as if they were entitled to special protections? Seriously?!? (Note the first link discusses a book from 1989 which exposes the promotion of buggery in the USA to be essentially a PSYOPS and marketing campaign based on lies and deception.)

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