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Thread: What's in a NAME?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EZrhythm View Post
    I say that the STATE owns the account/entity/person that the STATE has created to which one has informed the STATE of the name to use for such.
    have you noticed that the State can because of statutes change the NAME on a BC
    but there is no statute that can grant them a Name change on the SOLB.
    One they have power to over ride and the other they don't.
    So the real issue might be not what is in the Name but where the name is in.

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    The COLB identifies a new living man; he/she/it is given a name by the parents. Later the living man can choose any name he wants to use for himself. The BC creates title to a Limited Liability Corporation, actually a corporate subdivision of the United States of America Corporation (chartered 1871). It is an account to be used by the living man as a transmitting utility for the living man to put his assets into the public trust. These assets are now owned (legal title to the military, equitable title to the corporation) by the public trust, which is pledged as collateral to the banksters for the public debt. Use of the account (THE NAME) confirms the presumption that you the living man choose (volunteer) to be a surety for the public debt, and thus that you volunteer your assets (all property and income) for the use of the public corporation. Thus THE NAME has only the right of naked use of the assets so titled. You, the living man, by acting as accommodation agent for the LLC, also enjoy the naked use of your own assets, but now you are liable for the taxes and fees imposed by the state on your own property. The LLC is fully controlled by every law, rule, and code the state bureaucracy can think up, and you, by using THE NAME, obligate yourself to comply with all these ridiculous rules, and you agree that any presumed or accused violation of those codes will be resolved by an administrator, who will administer the state's property (THE NAME) under the rules for contracts (the Uniform Commercial code - Roman Law). You the living man are defined by the state as 'an animal' and will not be recognized by the administrator; the entity being judged is the LLC (YOUR NAME), and it has no rights except naked use of titled assets.
    Thus if you appear in court and agree to be identified by YOUR NAME, you have already lost. Thus there is a lot of difference between a COLB and a BC.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Anthony Joseph View Post
    who is it that God has been appointed to rule over you in the Kingdom of God, Michael Joseph?

    it is my obligation to serve my creator, my family and my fellow man; does every man require a "ruler" to carry this out?

    usufruct - the right to use that which is proper to one and exclusive of all others [property]

    who makes claim to the property which you claim you have the right to use by way of "usufruct" - have you met him or her?

    has something called "state", "State" or "STATE" ever spoken to you in regards to a rightful vested interest claim of the property which you use in "usufruct"?

    Pharaoh anointed Joseph above all of the people. El Elyon anointed Yehoshuah with the oil of gladness above all of his fellows! El Elyon is that God that appointed Yehoshuah to be over me! And I will submit to that rule in engagement or not. My choice. But if I desire to be married one day, I will make myself presentable to the Groom. Ref. Book of Esther.

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    IMO, you can appear in court for YOUR NAME but you must clearify that you are not there in any representative capacity (removing the presumption of a fiduciary duty) but are instead there on your own behalf, as one of the people, endowed with inalienable rights. And if the oppisition is governmental, to address that trust relationship within your pleadings, and specifically indentify the fiduciary (government) and the benificiary (that'd be yourself). This changes things.

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    Petition of Michael Herbert Dengler to Change His Name to 1069.

    Civil No. 9205

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