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    How is a peace bond used?
    Restraining orders are IMHO a class of peace bond so they are more common than one might expect at a surface glance. However, as when someone damages one's property, one can send a demand letter for payment of the damages instead of or before proceeding to a civil case. If someone is trying to undermine your status, liberties or the like whether physically or with their mouth (constructive forgery, threats of kidnapping under the guise of official state business, lying, etc.) it might be an offense against the peace and dignity of the State/County, etc. and not just an offense against you. In sum, one can serve parties with a document that serves as:

    1. a notice that they have perpetrated felonies or other crimes against you (i.e. you let them know that what they feel to be self-righteous and cutsey is a felony); [Listing State and Federal Code applicable such as 18 USC 241, etc.]
    2. demand they refrain from doing such things or from supporting any such schemes or plots or plans against you;
    3. if applicable you can notifying them of your right to use physical force to protect yourself and that you can delegate such right to any law enforcement officer of the State (<-optional).

    4. One can add "cc: Sheriff, Mayor, etc." on the bottom to make it clear that their dirty deeds are going under the spotlight of the officials they claim to love so much although they have evidenced such disdain for liberty and freedom and for the peace and dignity of the state/county.

    etc. [Perhaps more on this later.]
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    Quote Originally Posted by allodial View Post
    Re: Femmes. Women/females tend to be geared up differently than any Man--they tend to acclimate to apparent authority, might or power even as children which gives the appearance of them "maturing more quickly" (i.e. they conform to the perceived power structure for their own maximum safety and protection). Women/femmes who are highly State indoctrinated are little different from the State when it comes to hunting/exploiting a Man or taking things from a Man for as little effort or price as possible: thus such women/femmes can be very dangerous. Also, such femmes/women tend to be afraid of Men from who they cannot easily escape if they abuse such a Man because they are (like rogue cops) ready to use the State's power to protect themselves even if such women are not only wrong but criminal in their act and intent. Women like that are threatened by a man who they cannot abuse then escape from by hiding behind the State's skirt--they do not want a moral society because the hijinx they love so much cannot fly. (It takes some maturity to see the truth of this paragraph: these days where hunting and robbing from Men is a sport, believe me little girls catch on pretty quickly and if they can use the State's firepower to uphold their con jobs... . There are honest and good femmes but it helps to honestly survey the landscape to see the similarity and potential symbiotic relationship between the Statist woman that hunts a Man for his resources and attorneys/cops/municipalities that make a living hunting men for their resources.)
    Hot damn! Now THIS ^^^^^^ is some serious RED PILL knowledge dropped here !!!
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