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Thread: Leaving the 501(c)3 church

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    Leaving the 501(c)3 church

    and learning the whole truth.

    Can anyone recommend how to find a church or bible study that is not 501(c)3 centered? Additional blogs, YouTubes, pdf recommendations would be great!

    I read Jim Staley's testimony on his website. It's similar to what's happening to me now. It's just time to leave. Like he said (paraphrasing), the people there won't "get it," so just go.


    Q: Are there any hidden masonic meanings in the wearing of choir robes or pastor robes, since they can look similar to a judge's robe, but especially in non-Catholic churches?

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    “Practically every day there’s news of a new scandal at the IRS, and unfortunately it seems the Administration is incapable of getting the IRS under control and restoring faith in the agency”

    You have a window of opportunity the House passed if you go that route H.R. 3865. Digest for H.R. 3865 113th Congress, 2nd Session. It's called "The STOP Targeting of Political Beliefs by the IRS Act of 2014"in pdf

    H.Res 280, The Taxpayer Bill of Rights, would insist that individual taxpayers have such basic rights as the right to be informed and assisted, the right of appeal and the right to confidentiality, among others.

    H.R. 2530, the Taxpayer Transparency and Efficient Audit Act would require the IRS to disclose to the taxpayer when the IRS has shared their tax information with another government agency and place a time limit on how long an individual can be subjected to an IRS audit.

    H.R. 2531, the Protecting Taxpayers from Intrusive IRS Requests Act would prevent the IRS from inquiring on an individual’s religious, political, or social beliefs. Any change to the policy would require Congressional approval.

    H.R. 2532, the Integrity Restoration Strategy or IRS Act would reform the procedure for groups applying for tax-exempt status. If the IRS does not substantively respond to an organization seeking tax-exempt status within a certain length of time, then the organization will be automatically granted tax-exempt status, putting the onus on the IRS to prove that the organization does not deserve tax-exempt status.

    H.R. 2533, the Stop Playing on Citizen’s Cash or the SPOCC Act goes after the IRS’ wasteful conference spending in light of reports the IRS was holding multimillion dollar junkets for employees. The IRS would be required to comply with all recommendations from the Treasury Inspector General and receive approval from Congress before resuming conference spending.

    As far as I am concerned LM is the 501(c)(4) and there is no “if” as in conditional.

    A motion to recommit made without "instructions," is not debatable, and if successful has the effect of the House killing the bill without a final vote on its passage.

    But the lucre naysayers in Roll Call #89 don’t believe in the bill because your representatives (the people you vote for) want you in their grasp and there depending on your Classification of Taxpayers for U.S. Tax Purposes.

    2) if the IRS Commissioner determines that asking any class of taxpayers a prohibited question would aid in the efficient administration of the tax laws, they must provide a report that includes the question in the form it will be asked, describes the class of taxpayers to whom the question is would be asked, and describes the circumstances that would be required to exist before the question would be asked.

    This bill prohibits for one year the Department of Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) from finalizing their proposed 501(c)(4) regulations issued on November 29, 2013, keeping in place the regulations that were in effect on January 1, 2010.

    Acting IRS administrator Danny Werfel the lone ranger witness appeared before the House Ways and Means Committee to testify on a report follow-up to an inspector general’s report in which he said the agency’s discrimination was not limited to conservative organizations but occurred across the ideological spectrum not including the LM the ideological spectrum.

    The Republican Congress is not buying Werfel’s claims. “The IRS is in full spin mode,” saying Werfel’s recent revelations are merely an attempt to “take the attention away” from the targeting scandal and to “muddy the issue.” “This was all about political philosophy,” he insists, “and it has to stop.”

    "Seems to me the lawyers are just trying to muddy the water and confuse the sheeple about the difference between money and debt."

    On Thursday’s congressional hearing, a stern warning to his forthcoming witness regarding what congress considers the agency’s attempts to misdirect the American people about the nature of the targeting that occurred: considers the report’s vagueness and sidestepping, “The committee is not going to stand for it,” it articulates the problem at the heart of the IRS: government gone wild, The IRS agency is “incapable of getting to the bottom of a discipline problem, a wasting of taxpayer funds problem, a lying to Congress and the American people problem.” In short, “an agency that is out of control.”

    The Ways and Means Committee and the Oversight Committee are working together to investigate the IRS. The Ways and Means Committee plays a particularly important role in the investigation because its chairman has the authority to request access to private taxpayer information. In Congress, that power is shared only by the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.

    In the investigation of this scandal, seeing how the IRS processed taxpayer files may prove vital. “It removes a shield that the IRS might be tempted to use,” So far no word on LM.

    The U.S. Representative Elijah Cummings using the latest disclosures from the IRS to argue “it’s time to call off the investigation”, the GOP leadership are not deterred.

    This legislation also establishes the sense of Congress that:
    1) any exceptions to this prohibition should identify the specific questions authorized, the class of taxpayers to whom these questions may be asked, and the circumstances under which they may be asked; and RSC Chairman Scalise and 80 Members of Congress Comment on IRS REG-134417-13

    The final roll call.

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    Are there any followers of Christ here who truly grasp the dilemma I am describing? --> Needing eye-to-eye fellowship with other believers, yet most churches today unwittingly pay tribute to Caesar and do not grasp freedom concepts.

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    Not sure what you're phishing for here. A simple internet search brings up many useful results & resources. Perhaps you aren't coming across as a believer, but maybe a psychopathic parasite?

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    Hi Johnny Cash,

    No, a simple internet search does not bring up what I am searching for. It is not simple to find. I am looking for a church in my area where I don't have to make a day-trip out of it. Perhaps you can suggest some words to type into the search engine to locate what I need? I am just not finding it using "non-501c3 church" or "freedom church." What are the words that will efficiently take me to what I am searching for? Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moxie View Post
    Are there any followers of Christ here who truly grasp the dilemma I am describing? --> Needing eye-to-eye fellowship with other believers, yet most churches today unwittingly pay tribute to Caesar and do not grasp freedom concepts.
    I totally get it. Sadly, I've gotten used to it.

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    If you're wanting to avoid the Counterfeit System, I would suggest looking into starting a 'cell church' or 'house to house' church and/or a bible study fellowship. You might find The Examiner quite informative as I have since I came across it in the 90s. I believe your cry was heard and here is an answer.

    Sampling of articles from The Examiner:

    Starting A Church
    The Clergy System (1)
    The Clergy System (2)
    The Churches of Christ Today
    The Church In the Home
    Pulpit Minister Seeks Employment
    An Institution, Or The Living Body Christ?.

    Other link(s):

    House Churches", an article on a biblical alternative to institutional churches
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith Alan View Post
    I totally get it. Sadly, I've gotten used to it.
    I would not throw the baby out with the bath water. There are many good men and women who are ignorant to the control systems setup. I know many a 501c3 organization that does a great work and yet the principals are ignorant as to their setup. I will put it like this: IF YOU DON'T KNOW YOU HAVE A CHOICE, THEN DO YOU HAVE A CHOICE?

    I have personally written extensively on the difference between 501c3 and 508c1a organizations. I will try to dig some out of the archives. But first start with The Good Church.

    Rom 6:16 Know ye not, that to whom ye present yourselves servants for obedience, ye are servants to him whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness?

    I have just touched the surface - DECLARE THYSELF - establish your Claim in Declaration of Status [estate] and begin to go in and take Possession. However, we are commanded to do all things in the Great Name of Yehoshuah. Therefore in the Name of Yehoshuah, appealing to the Providence of El Elyon, We the men and women of " ", the People of Yehovah Elohim acknowledging our King, Yehoshuah make claim......and further declare.....

    You get the point. Or I hope you do.

    Michael Joseph.

    This organization that has taught me more in five years than I learned in the previous 40. In fact, I have yet to find ANY assembly that even gets anywhere close.
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    Oh, the insect is assembling a NON 501(c)3 church directory! For what purpose I can only imagine. Allow me to be second ... The Voice of One church.
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    Hi everyone, thanks for the awesome links! :-)

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