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    Birth Certificate - What it is

    Quote Originally Posted by Anthony Joseph View Post
    The BC is a certified copy of an original registration of, and TITLE to, the PERSON...
    Birth Certificate is a Certificate of Title (Similar to an automobile “pink slip”) which is evidence that title exists but is not actual title itself. The Birth Certificate is also a Security Instrument used as evidence that there is a security interest in the FIRST MIDDLE LAST name.

    Certificate of Title - "These are issued by a designated state agency to identify the owner of (a) *vehicle, aircraft or water *vessel. Any liens or outstanding loans will be identified on the certificate of title. Often, a lender, such as for an automobile loan, will hold the title until the obligation has been satisfied, at which point the lien is released and the certificate of title will be sent to the owner."
    *The NAME is being classified as a vessel or financial vehicle, in this case, to be utilized in commerce.
    Now read that but with a twist as the "holder" is the "STATE OF..."-
    [Birth Certificates] are issued by a designated state agency to identify the owner of the ...vessel (FIRST MIDDLE LAST). [A trustee of the NAME- You, may hold the title (Certified copy of the BC) and meet an obligation to satisfy such obligation, at which point the lien is released (Accounting brought to zero) as the certificate of title (BC) is sent to the owner. ("STATE OF..." who is the account holder.)
    *The “STATE OF...” holds the NAME in regards to the United States Inc. accounting of it.

    Definition of ‘Security Interest- A legal claim on collateral that has been pledged

    The FIRST MIDDLE LAST was pledged at birth (registration).
    The people unknowingly claim themselves and their property to be the collateral on legal claims when they claim that they are the FIRST MIDDLE LAST which is merely a name for accounting purposes.

    Sample scenario-
    Judge calls out, "Is JOHN WILLIAM JONES here?" John William replies, "Here!"
    Instead, if John William replies, "I am here about that matter." He has not made a statement lending to evidence that he is (surety/collateral/trustee) for the FIRST MIDDLE LAST.
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