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Thread: Modification to R4C Clerk Instruction

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarlyGurl View Post
    So, Here I am again. As George alluded, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO RESOLVE the ignoring of my R4C SUCCESSFULLY? Today, I was informed that my WA DL is suspended for traffic citations in OREGON. I executed proper and timely R4C's and they were ignored by the kangaroo court of non-record, conviction was published to the DOT and forwarded to my resident state. It was my insurance company who brought this to my attention..TODAY. I would really like some guidance here... the criminality of the faux court is what I want to overcome. It has been over a year now.

    This does leave one to feel as if one has been told of a promised land, but when Pharoah attacks, no one sticks around to fight him. I am sorry this happened to the LEGAL FICTION, and may be affecting you now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by powder View Post
    Why use a closed case file.

    Just use the certificate mailing number as the 'case number'. That is what they will do anyway, just like traffic court. the case # starts out as the ticket number and then gets converted to a case number.
    Delayed response but you're definitely onto something. One's mailbox is basically an extension of the court.
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