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Thread: hello to all

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    hello to all

    hi, genuine truth seeker here. I have been lurking on this forum since its beginning and SJC prior to that as well as and have spoken to David on a couple of occasions. you may remember me from the last time we spoke when I alerted you to this sites temporary defacing/hack by DC?

    what prompted me to finally sign up is oddly enough some potential heath/safety concerns which I will start a new thread about.

    Ive been kicking around the idea of lawful money, R4C, & LOR for a long time now but still dont comprehend how to conduct all my affairs in this manor. I have read all the posts and many more than once and I thank you all for posting here and hope that I can come closer to becoming a competent in conducting myself in these times and society.

    thank you all again for sharing your mind and posting here.


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    Hello George;

    Welcome to StSC in the posting sense!

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    Greetings George, same interest as me in RLM, R4C, LOR repository for record keeping. I started this year with redeeming. Got a stamp at Office Depot for $21 to make it simple. I have never been hassled by tellers. One held it below the counter to read it for 10 seconds, then asked me if I need a copy. I said front and back, thank you sir (even though I already had a copy, just training him). I am maintaining a record myself, but would like to do the $350 case jacket. May have to donate to David to assist. Just don't have that knowledge and confidence level yet. Took me over a year of reading/listening to David and discussing with friends before I did it. Now I could sit down with a bank executive and discuss it like discussing sports. I am also establishing/using my True Name. I read recently where the surname was started back around 13th century in England for taxation purposes. Can anyone confirm that?

    George, shoot me a private message here as you learn and have success. I offer the same to you.

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    hi David, thanks for sharing all this here and elsewhere.

    hi Casper, nice to meet with you here and thanks for the offer to PM I will let you know when I finally get me feet on Davids path.


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    Hello everyone. I am a new user on this forum and want to share some healthy information with you friends. Come and join me or visit my boot camp if you want to get any fitness help.

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    Welcome Revend Martin;

    Health is good. Please be specific.

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    Hi everyone,
    A libertarian friend referred me to your site. Looking forward to learning more.

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