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yeah, I dont get it.. and its very difficult to get questions answered directly but Ive noticed it elsewhere on other non related forums aswell. not sure what thats all about?

usually very intelligent folks too but its like folks cant even see the questions? Ive even tried numbering them and then one at a time and still no results so the Im fairly sure the breakdown in communication is not on my end. oh well..
I presume they don't answer because they don't know the answer. And there is no shame in simply not knowing. However, if we do not have the means or knowledge to enforce our legal rights when violated, then all the other legal research is merely academic.

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if ya dont mind my asking..whats going on Jethro? how did you loose money? Im not sure what you mean by payor, I guess.
False "1099-MISC" forms being filed. The payer/issuer of the false forms refused to stop issuing the forms. A lawful money demand was made on every payment sent from this payer. Someone from "IRS" sends the payer a "Notice of Levy" and the payor honors it. All of my requests to stop it are ignored.

Now what?