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    Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.”~Ephesians 5:14

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy James View Post
    This is the crux of the argument. This goes to what I have been talking about now for about six years now. The crux is TRUST. Now the so called "people of the States" have expressed and implied their trust by voting and acting in and for the support of the defacto government.

    Righting the ship is coming to understand that the system does not care what your name is in fact if you say I am called then the case will just be restyled in that name.

    Implied Trust MUST match Express Trust otherwise a Constructive Trust will result. Now then the Gospel of Thomas rings a bell for those who can eat at that meat here goes:

    2) Jesus said, The one who seeks (For the meaning of these words) should not leave off, (But) keep on seeking (For it) until he finds (The mystery). When he finds (The meaning, the mystery), he will be troubled (Labor and find life --verse 58) (and) will marvel. When he is troubled (and) when he marvels, then he will be surprised, (for) he will reign (Over the world) (and) rule over the all (Verse 4). And when he rules then he will rest (The Sabbath rest, in the 7th millennium).

    3) Jesus said, Should those who lure (and) lead you say, 'behold, the Kingdom is up in the sky (Only the religious leaders can understand it),' then the birds of the sky (Religious leaders, who consume the seed, or Word of God) will beat you to it (Hide the keys and defraud you of it --verse 39; Luke 11:52). If they should tell you, 'it is under the earth (Subject to earthly, or scholarly teachings), (Or) in the sea (Subject to the teachings of the Church),' then the fish of the sea (Christian leaders) will beat you to it. It is rather that the Kingdom is both within you and without (You don’t need leaders to see it). Those of you who know yourselves (Life, light, authority, truth) will find out (Through laboring and finding life) that this is true. When you (Have labored, and) find out who you are, you will then become known (In the biblical sense, when Jesus becomes you--verse 108), and will recognize that you are the sons of the living Father (Verse 106). But if you do not (Labor and come to) know yourselves, you dwell in (Fleshly) poverty and you are yourselves that poverty (Fleshly).

    4) Jesus said, Let the man who is old in days (Religious men at the end of the age) not hesitate to ask a small child of seven days (The Elect, in the 7th millennium) about the place of life (Verse 50), and he (By asking the Elect on that Sabbath day of rest) will come alive (By coming to grasp the meaning of these words). For many who are first (Those influenced by infiltrators, Jude 4 etcetera) will become last (Abased, stripped of their kingdom), and the last (The Elect), first (Exalted, elevated, given to reign). They will indeed become one and the same (Come to agree with the Elect).

    Now for those who understand: What do the living have to do with the dead?

    Luke 9:59 And He said unto another, "Follow Me." But he said, Lord, allow me first to go and bury my father.
    Luke 9:60 Jesus said unto him, "Let the dead bury their own dead: but go thou and declare the kingdom of God."

    The command was to go forth and DECLARE the government of God. That takes work. So lets get to it shall we?

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