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Thread: Patriots win again - 2013 lawful money tax filing

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    Glendale, Arizona - The Patriots won Super Bowl XLIX last night 28-24 when the Banksters critical drive was intercepted by Lawful Money with 20 seconds left. Throughout the game, Banksters relied on their traditional Federal Reserve gameplan and strategy of infiltration, mimicking and propaganda, even acting like they were sending in Forms to correct their status. Banksters had a 10-point lead going into the 4th quarter. But under the capable leadship of David Merrill and long-time veteran Michael Joseph the Patriots rallied back with 2 touchdowns putting them up by 4. The Banksters ground back with a just a yard to go and appeared on the verge of victory. Banksters called for a 3-receiver set. But the Pats showed an unusual 8-man front, goal-line set. Banksters took the bait and passed the football. Their disinfo backfired. Badly.

    Once again, Bankster loudmouth Famspear seemed unaware his team had lost, or that his disinfo aided the opponent, saying "The Patriots didn't really win." "The way they played is just beyond dumb. Stamping REDEEMED LAWFUL MONEY on the back of your paycheck like it means anything is absurd!" he lectured. Quatloser Dan B. Evans was equally non-plussed with "No court has ever ruled pay-for-labor isn't taxable."

    Patriots had a long history of endorsing Bankster currency, unawares. But this Super Bowl night was different. Winning team QB said "Using debt notes as money? I mean c'mon! we aren't falling for that anymore." Even Perry's halftime show suggested she had tamed the glowing-eyed IRS beast with her golden [lawful money] leash. Then rising above the field saw the game for what it was. A currency war against America. But last night The Patriots had outwitted the Banksters.
    Fair and square.

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    Lawful Money material for beginner 1099 worker?

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyCash View Post
    You're welcome guys. Yes, there was 32xx. in FITW- Fed income tax withheld (box 2), 32xx. in SS tax withheld (box 4), and 7xx. in Medicare tax withheld (box 6). Subtracting the $5xxx refund equals about $2100 paid to US Treasury. Yes the refund could have been higher with more lawful money redeemed but total LM redeemed for TY13 was $14k for Primary filer (I'm Secondary filer with no FR currency earnings), that's what we have record of. Can't go back in time and redeem more LM now. But perhaps this victory will give Primary filer the confidence to redeem more LM going forward.

    Srsly $2100? Doesn't even cover my Dad's SS payout for the month! How can the govt continue all their entitlement payouts on $2100 from the average family, let alone pay the banks their cut? If half the families in America pay only $2100/yr in taxes ... how will your Banking Cabal survive? The simple answer is, it can't. The bank & tax scam cannot continue on so little money. This is the end game. The run on the Fed. Lawful money users are a real threat to their scam.

    No "mistake" was made in this filing, no deception or trickery involved in this win. We got the refund requested, a legal win. It's another glaring example of LAWFUL MONEY success. The Silver Bullet. LM works for both W2/W4 workers and 1099 workers.

    There's no shame in admitting you've been out-coached and outplayed.
    Hi all,

    New to the forum, eager to learn. I've PMed a couple of people on here, but just wanted to say thank you so far for the wealth of knowledge I'm diving into. Can someone point me to a forum that specifically speaks to when and how to get started with Lawful Money. FYI I am a 1099 worker. Thanks again for your dedication.

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