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Thread: redeeming lawful money and 1099 questions

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    Ha. And this question is for Johnny cash , I remember reading like 10 pages of you and jessejames going back and forth about how he was saying you haven't paid for 7 years cause (been awhile so ballpark ) I think he said you had no w-2 going to the irs from your employer? And he kept hammering on a specific code . Do you remember it? I'm a study person, and would like to look it up and read into it for some knowledge on it if ever an irs employee takes the same stance.

    And any suggestions on what I could send my employer to persuade her from sending the 1099 to the irs? Was thinking about trying one of the letters of the sedm website reflecting my beliefs and possibly educating her a little in turn hoping she'll favor me. Again if I can take preventive measures to to cease communication between me and the irs. I'm attempting it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    Yes, that would be nice. I will leave this alone here and everybody please respond to Shelby's new thread.
    where's the new thread?

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    This is the thread. I just thought it was in the wrong forum, that's why I asked mr. Merrill. And I just got done talking to one of the ladies in the office and she told me that she thinks the 1099 they will fill out at years end will come to me and not to the irs.Does that sound right?

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    Hello Shelby

    Dear Shelby:
    I have been reading your entire posts under this tab, because I'm new here too. I figured that since David Merrill put on such a great video presentation on YouTube that I just got done watching earlier this evening. That I would read his entire forum to see all the information contained therein. However, I do have a question for you what do you mean by sedm website? That term is unfamiliar with me. Could you please share a link so that I know what you're talking about? Thank you. Have a blessed night.

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    Thanks, in advance, for any info.

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