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Thread: Get Your Billions Back, America: 2014

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    Quote Originally Posted by ag maniac View Post
    Interestingly enough, I just received the refund check for TY2016 last week.......4 months after paper filing a LM return.

    The TY2015 refund is still nowhere to be IRS letters, nothing.....just a fone convo 5/2016 threatening burial by FF notices and "you're refund is frozen".

    And the TY2014 refund was timely.

    Me thinks with their inconsistencies among us, they're shaking a tree seeing what fruit may drop.
    Yes. I get that feeling all the time. There is a lot to be said for confidence. I equate that with competence. From what you say, it might be worthwhile to write a letter or maybe even show up at the local office to assess and audit your account. That should do it.

    We are beyond the validation this is the correct interpretation of remedy. It is.

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    I too received one of these 3176C notices. Should I R4C and resend via registered mail?

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    Refusal for Cause is the traditional method to keep any voluntary process from developing. If you have been redeeming lawful money then you have severed your relationship with the Fed and are no longer using central banking currency.

    You might already know my Lesson Plan:

    1. proper identity - true name
    2. record-forming Refusal for Cause
    3. redeeming lawful money

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    Yes I am aware. I will promptly R4C it via Registered mail tomorrow.

    I have already recieved full fed refunds for 2013-2014-2015and 2016. This notice was for 2015 which was filled in 2017 (employer did not send in time prior to my out of country trip) It looks like 2017 filings are being heavily scrutinized.

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    Well after doing some research and speaking with the IRS.

    While the IRS may be a trust fund in puerto rico and the biggest scam this world has knows it unfortunately has the masses in its favor. Regardless of the validity in the law that the IRS has no basis in the law to tax income except as a excise, tariff, or import tax and back in the day as a voluntary war tax on us citizens that live in DC, its territories, Guam, PR, USVI etc and that they are deceiving the population into believing that they must file (state citizens considered nonresident aliens by admission into their jurisdiction by filing first tax return) and by doing so volunteer to be part of their jurisdiction and considered a non-resident alien living in a foreign country (states) it's massive con and no different than what hitler did to brainwash people.

    That said if things get out of hand and you must go to tax court, and in front of a jury. Do you really want to put your freedom in some random old judge views on the correct interpretation of the law or a tax accountant jury whose livelihood depends on filing taxes and purporting the scam(at no fault of his own as he has been brainwashed?). the law system in this country is about the majority not true correctness in it's interpretation.

    That is the question I asked myself and the answer is NO. The one thing I have learned is that if I ever decide to Open a Trust fund or investment fund I must open it in puerto rico. As puerto rico residents are exempt from federal tax laws and puerto rico has it's own (4% flat tax rate) being a us territory. and under act 20--22 I am allowed complete privacy on my accounts which is why the IRS runs their business from there and how the boss of the IRS could not produce a ledger, report explaining where trillions of dollars went and the federal judge in the case knew that but still attempted to have her spill the beans and incriminate herself/theIRS

    To sum up,

    I have an IRS employee on record stating that redeeming lawful money is a frivolous position they have identified. She also said recording the call was illegal. Which is not true in my one party state. But this just goes to show that it's he said she said in the court of law regarding what is legal and enforced and the MAJORITY opinion always wins.

    And what is that MAJORITY opinion regarding filing taxes REGARDLESS of the legality and validity of the IRS jurisdiction to enforce a mandatory tax on all? unfortunately that is that everyone must pay the tax...

    Having said that I am personally going to stay under the radar with these people and over the next 10 years renounce my citizenship after I have established a home base elsewhere in the world. That is really the only true way to escape them. Thinking I could conduct business in Puerto Rico keep my US citizenship and not be subject to federal taxes, and state taxes as long as I do not make "US Employee income" whether legitimate or presumed.

    To qualify, an individual must not have been a resident of Puerto Rico within in the last 15 years. You must become a resident of Puerto Rico by December 31, 2035, and you must reside there for at least 183 days a year. You also have to do the paperwork, filing an application with the tax authority there. Once that's approved, it’s a binding contract and you’ll get:

    Tax-free interest and dividends earned after you become a resident.
    No long-term capital gains tax on appreciation after you become a resident.
    5% tax on long-term capital gain for appreciation before you move for any sales during your first 10 years as a resident.

    Act 20 and Act 22, which provide for corporate tax rate of just 4% for companies exporting services outside of Puerto Rico, as well as a full exemption for individuals from taxes on most types of investment income.
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    I'm sure the IRS would like us all to believe redeeming lawful money is a frivolous position. But it isn't. It's not even listed on the IRS list.

    Look again at your 3176c letter ... we are proposing to assess a $5000 penalty ... How do you respond to proposals? In my case I didn't agree to their proposal and no Frivolous Penalty was assessed. Even better, the IRS agreed with me (and David Merrill) that the redeemed lawful money reported on the Form 1099 was not taxable income. No tax liability and no tax paid!
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    I'd love to see the verbiage used in response to your 3176C letter.

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    Heh. The fact remains ... my response letters worked. No tax liability and no tax paid.

    Rather than all that Puerto Rico rigmarole you may find it easier to simply redeem lawful money:

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    I have been redeeming lawful money since 2013. However 2015 filing filed in 2017 resulted in the 3176C letter. Simply responding stating that I have redeemed lawful money along with copies of checks showing this will get them to nullify the frivpen letter?


    Like I said verbiage to the masses and truth for select few.

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