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Thread: Get Your Billions Back, America: 2014

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    Who is wealthier...

    A man with a stack of hundreds or a man with only one "1 dollar bill".

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLBereans View Post
    Who is wealthier...

    A man with a stack of hundreds or a man with only one "1 dollar bill".
    ....probably a guy w/ a cache of $5 'em anywhere in the world @ a post office (UPU) for the local currency

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    Get Your Billions Back, America


    OK! Let's start filing. For this demo, I'll be using the TaxACT Online free edition
    We begin with Personal info. You will see entries for

    First name:
    Middle initial:
    Last name:
    Social security number:
    Date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy):

    Whose NAME? Taxpayer name. It's important to use the NAME linked to the SSN. As suitors we know our True Name is different than this IT, LEGAL, PERSON, TAXPAYER, TRUST NAME. But we'll be making use of this NAME for our benefit, to obtain a refund. If there's any question about which name to use, I suggest an exact match with the SS card NAME - the NAME on file with the SSA. Discrepancies will likely slow IRS processing while an inquiry is sent. Although my experience shows including Middle initial is optional. TaxACT includes entries for DATE OF BIRTH & OCCUPATION that are optional but may help the software with certain calculations. Then you have same entries for Spouse, for you to add if it applies.
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    Get Your Billions Back, America


    Blind or Disabled questions - not as blind as I used to be.

    Address & Telephone number - "Providing the IRS with your daytime phone number may help speed the processing of your return."

    State of Residence - where does Taxpayer/Person reside?

    Dependent Information - who knew kids were worth so much?

    Filing Status - Select your appropriate filing status. Married filing joint should yield maximum refund for us (none of my LM income will be entered). The beauty of using software is the ability to go back and try a different status to see what works best.

    Married filing joint (even if only one had income)
    Married filing separately
    Head of household
    Qualifying widow(er) with dependent child

    Health Insurance - "The Affordable Care Act requires U.S. citizens and legal residents to have qualified health insurance for all of 2014. Those without qualified coverage may be required to pay a penalty." - the ACA is just another social control scam, and here taxpayers are penalized for not playing along.

    Presidential Election Campaign Fund
    - don't even get me started

    Estimated Tax Payments - Yes or No?

    Life Events
    - Learn more about 19 topics ranging from "Marriage & divorce" to "Foreign Nationals"

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    Quote Originally Posted by ag maniac View Post
    Interesting you would post that pic of those stacks of "ones".
    LOL Texas Man Arrested After Attempt To Pay Taxes With Dollar Bills

    A Wichita Falls man made news last week when he was arrested while trying to pay his property taxes.

    Only there’s a little bit more to the story than that. The 27-year old Texan, Timothy Andrew Norris, arrived in person at the Wichita County Courthouse to pay his $600 property tax with individual dollar bills – only there was a twist. Or, er, a fold. Norris had allegedly folded each bill so tightly that it “required tax office personnel approximately six minutes to unfold each bill.”

    If you’re doing the math, that means that it would take 3,600 minutes – or 60 hours, longer than a work week – to unfold the bills.

    More here >

    What does the dollar bill represent to Timothy Andrew Norris or does he know something?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyCash View Post
    if you can find the writings of Byron BEERS - which are very difficult these days to find, I highly recommend you read all of them. You won't be disappointed. Grab his 11 free booklets and read them all.

    Here's a study I prepared years ago - you will notice it blends both Civil Law and Common Law concepts: SOCAGE and WARD.pdf

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyCash View Post
    Jay, you have a typo on page 2:

    "Bogert, G.T., Trusts § 40, at pp. 155-56, (6th ed. 1987). In 1987, this was this the majority, if not the only view of self-settled spendthrift trusts, being that spendthrift provision was inoperable to protect the beneficial interest of the settlor against her creditors. This case was largely embodied in the various state statutes of which California Probate Code § 15304 is typical:"

    MJ, I am downloading & reading now. Thank You!

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    Get Your Billions Back, America

    6 - INCOME

    Alrighty then, now we get to the income section of our Lawful Money tax return. In TaxACT, we enter income info in the Federal Q&A tab. This is appropriate considering this filing is about private, privileged, or Federal [Reserve] income - a subset of all income. TaxACT uses a Question&Answer approach. I use the Quick Entry option to enter info from the paper Form W-2, inputting Box 1 amount into Box 1 of the program and so forth. Continue answering & entering all income* reported to you on "information reports" like W2, 1099-INT, 1099-R, etc.

    Finally we get to Other Income - Miscellaneous and here you will enter your total redeemed lawful money for the year, as a negative amount. This is a simple total of LM amounts/checks either cashed or deposited. In the description I put: Demand for Lawful Money 12 USC 411. As you enter info TaxACT shows your expected refund in the upper right. Here's a screenshot:
    When totaling your LM here for inclusion as Line 21 Other Income, it's important not to include any redeemed Lawful Money that was not also income on the lines above.

    *NOTE: In years past I have not included as income amounts reported on Form 1099-MISC (because it was all redeemed lawful money) and had no problems afterward. This may also work for you.
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    6 - INCOME questions answered

    Q: How do I get my SS & Medicare taxes back?
    A: There is no provision on the tax return for that. While Social Security & Medicare are legitimate income taxes (based on wages) they're best thought of as insurance premiums - you don't get your premiums back if you don't make a car insurance claim. So as a W4 worker the filer doesn't get his/her SS & Medicare withholding back. What you may find however, as we did, that because of your redeemed LM negative, your refund ($6xxx) has grown so large as to overtake the FITW amount ($33xx). It's like getting a good portion of your SS & MCare taxes back.

    To quit paying SS & Medicare taxes altogether, look to end your W4 "employment."

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