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Thread: Canada to issue debt free money???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chex View Post
    Where does the purchasing power of your cash come from?
    Purchasing power comes from the number of units produced, pumped into circulation versus the goods and services in the economy.
    The purchasing power is elastic. This is true even with metallic money.

    Money, in whatever form, is still subject to free market forces as well as demand (or lack thereof).

    Quote Originally Posted by Chex
    It comes from society believing that pieces of paper with numbers printed on them backed by nothing is real money, which according to the United States Constitution, it is NOT."
    Money is a creature of the law ultimately.
    Money is whatever the political power holder deems it to be.

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    The implications of this win in court, will be fought in the trenches, because the Rothschild banking cartels will hire the best lawyers to fight this decision to proceed to the Supreme Court of Canada. Once there, I will bet dollars to bit coins that it will be "Star Chambered", with full MSM Black out.
    The Banksters can NOT afford this case to be won by the plaintiffs, as it would set the the Global banking Cartel back 50 years ,as well as cause a domino affect around the world and this they can not allow to happen, and especially why the PUBLIC is NOT to know.
    We know that both the Canadian Government and Judiciary are in Bed together and they will NOT ALLOW a judgement for the plaintiffs, as having the Bank of Canada have exclusivity to the printing of Canada's money at no interest would be to throw a wrench into the works, as that would me NO MORE INCOME TAX, which then means no more money to the Rothschild Zionist, Crown, or Vatican for that matter.
    Steven Harper is cut from the same cloth as Obummer, Cameron, and are all working towards the complete usurpation of the their countries population, and having the B.O.C. go back to printing interest free money in Canada can NOT be allowed. So dont expect a win as the Judiciary will, under Admiralty Law, and the UCC make this go away, and very quietly at that.


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    As I understand it, in 1973-74 PM Trudeau Had Canada join the G7 which granted the nation a membership in the Infamous IMF and as a stipulation to that Membership was the Bank of Canada had to give over to the Private banking Cartel (The Rothschild Zionist / IMF) a minimum of 50% ability to print Canada's money in the form of Bonds and thereby pay those bonds back to the private banks at Interest. (I believe it is now about 90% ) Royal Bank ,TD Canada Trust, and Bank of Montreal all have the ability to supply Canada's Money. As consequence to that Agreement Canada's Debt to the Private banking Cartel has risen exponentially, and now the average Canadian must pay Income tax to pay a compounded debt interest that will never be paid back. This will be done in perpetuity..
    Now as you may know as of Last month January 2015 a Major court case was won by a group of individuals which upheld the Only the Bank of Canada should exclusively print Canada's money at NO INTEREST. and now must go to the Supreme court of Canada for its final approval. Now then this where things will get nasty. The International Banking Cabal's will not and can not allow this to happen ,as it would have such repercussions,that it would start a domino affect the World Banking cartels can ill afford, so that said they will throw every top lawyer they can muster to squash this Case.
    Oh the Canadian government has demanded that the Uber Elite MSM bury this story, so it will not see the light of day if the Supreme court stifles this most important event in the History of Canada.

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    It has finally made it to the main stream media.

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    And the story does not stop there

    Bloomberg News, nearly 40 percent of the total 3,415 Americans gave up their passports in 2014.

    “It was a gut wrenching experience that I do not think I will ever be over,” former American Ruth Freeborn told Freeborn says she is a stay-at-home mother who married a Canadian man and moved to Canada to help care for his elderly parents. She blames the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) for forcing her into a decision she didn’t want to make.

    FATCA, which was enacted by Congress in 2010, was designed to target rich Americans who use foreign accounts to avoid paying U.S. taxes. FATCA requires that foreign financial institutions report financial accounts held by U.S. taxpayers to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the U.S. government agency responsible for tax collection.
    "And if I could I surely would Stand on the rock that Moses stood"

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    The story started in Canada and (Old) Colorado City around 1861.

    I find the interesting connection is to Mary MAGDALENE. Mary fled Israel to France and Canada is by nature French. The moneychangers were a gentile FRANCHISE too.

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    demand lawful money in canada

    @ David Merrill, I thank you for your research, and everyone in this forum for that matter.

    This is my first post here, but I've been studying the redemption of lawful money for some time.

    Can Canadians, individually, demand lawful money by using a restricted endorsement and request a special deposit?

    Who can rebut that transaction-based demand? And by what authority?

    "Only a revolution in the mind of the individual is needed to accomplish the greatest stroke for freedom of all time.
    It is a remarkable fact that no constitution of any state, nor any declaration of human rights, has ever proclaimed the right of freedom of money issue. Yet this right is inseparable from the right of bargain or exchange, which is the very foundation of liberty. Man's ignorance of the laws of money has blinded him to the
    very touchstone of freedom. You are indeed sovereign, if you but realize that your money power is your sovereign power. You need no political laws to liberate your power for prosperity and peace; you are the master of your fate by natural law, if you but discover that law. As you scan the world scene with all its miseries, its drab outlook, the discouraging prospect of a solution for humanity's problems by political means, and the remoteness from you of the capitols through which promised salvation is desperately hoped for,you are saddened by a sense of frustration. But if you realize that the citadel of power is your own home and that yours is the majesty and sovereignty, sadness will be dispelled by gladness. To bring this transformation, you must comprehend the power of money and that you are the money power."
    ~ E.C. Riegel, monetary theorist
    The New Approach to Freedom 1949"

    PS: I found this paper on the bank of Canada website. I think y'all will find it very interesting and will light the goods I found.

    (1) United States Notes are a non-interest bearing currency. That during the Civil War, Greenbacks were issued as non-interest bearing United States Notes and were designated as lawful money. At that time National Bank Notes, which also circulate as currency at that time, could be redeemed for Greenbacks. Greenbacks were the primary governmentally-issued media of exchange in the country at that time, but were not redeemable in gold or silver. Greenbacks and gold circulated at a floating exchange rate against each other.
    (2) The U.S. treasury is responsible for the redemption of lawful money. Under the National Bank Act, the U.S. Treasurer was authorized to cancel an amount of bonds pledged by a national bank whose notes were being redeemed for lawful money by the U.S. treasury.
    (3) "The First part of the mechanism that led to national bank notes being a uniform currency is they were redeemable in lawful money on demand at the issuing bank at their face value."..."national bank notes would have been a uniform currency if they had not been redeemable on demand in lawful money." -

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    There may well be a very clever link between the Central Dominion Trust and Central Dominion Notes.

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    "And if I could I surely would Stand on the rock that Moses stood"

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