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    Prize Law

    havnt seen this mentioned. this wiki article helps put some pieces together for me so I wanted to share here.

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    You might also want to look into the law of salvage and the law of suretyship (as relates to salvage and rights of subrogation). Consider the Panic of 1908 .. bankers alleging "We 'saved' your a$$es". Imagine a whole 'country' up on a tow truck and the tow truck operator 'taking over' as part of collecting his 'salvage fee'.

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    Prize is more of an acquisition by aggression. But you can likely see how prize and salvage could be related. If two ships at war put crippling holes in each other, another ship could claim salvage of both. Prize could possibly be intermingled with salvage in the case of combatants ship A cripples ship B in war, but then ship A's side decides to have an 'armistice' or 'truce' but ship A's side wants salvage.


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    great thanks once again allodial.

    here is a highly suggested but not directly related book:

    Agency Law

    discovered it by reading one of caspers's posts on the Birth Certificate thread and downloading the .mp3s

    it looks promising! but still listening to the next .mps from Ken W on Angela's call. I really appreciate straight talkers like these.

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