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Thread: I have a question. (GAME)

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    Quote Originally Posted by george View Post
    yeah, Ive been posting alot lately and this forum is kinda slow so it may appear worse than it is.
    Actually this forum has been very active; I count 53 new posts yesterday alone. Seems quite high to me, possibly record-breaking. Are you hangry? Don't be put out by the presumptions of a clown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyCash View Post
    Must be membership drive weekend for george's cult.
    Watch your ear Creek. JohnnyCash makes me laugh.
    The blessing is in the hand of the doer. Faith absent deeds is dead.

    ONE man or woman can make a difference!

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    Strictly reinvesting further comment on how my [S-S-C] Membership was motive based a strong motive seems approximate for the founders of this site. M J methods are what the courts manage , Motive is how Men manage methods .A Suitors membership is clear motive strictly to manage the generic methodology Courts gain when one lacks motive.In recognizing MJ as one of the Men that truly refuses Court methods for how Names Are styled, identity and re -venue and all the ridicule a persons SUBJECT too. if read plain i enjoy any and all Michael Joseph s Motives. If persons were identified with any Judgement and compliment they ASKED for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by george View Post
    MJ, is my mind plating tricks on me or has this thread changed yours?
    upon review, it was my mind "playing" tricks. its very strong sometimes. a thought entered and the rest is..

    what time is it?

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    Membership has a presumptive air about it, take a police membership eg, The intelligence of a individual Warrants him/her no greater satisfaction than that of a presumption.As rank and file membership are paid the same salary and courtesy as if they were intelligent.No one need compare life to its intelligence as life owes no Courtesy to its membership. Its said to underrate efforts is to inflate achievement.A cut&paste approach is educational or its not tools never come with the job they are the job. The thief on the cross owes no courtesy to the membership.

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    [Referee] Upon further review, there are two fouls on the play: gibberish and extending the life of a dead thread. Fifteen yard penalty. Repeat 3rd down.
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    anyone have a problem with that?

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