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Thread: Free Money: Illegals who didn’t pay taxes get IRS refunds

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    What if everyone is an illegal?

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    The comments are well worth reading walter, nice cut.
    "And if I could I surely would Stand on the rock that Moses stood"

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    This might be the answer of what is going on with Mexico.
    I didn't write it, only found it.

    "The Mexican Border... and the BRICS connection

    Once again we, as a nation, are facing a major crisis. This time, it is on our southern border, where thousands of "illegals" are pouring into our country and receiving bus tickets to a major city by OUR own border agents.
    [link to] <--illegals coming over border receive bus tickets

    How is it we can spend so much money on securing/invading other countries and waging war with such great precision overseas, yet we cannot lock our own back-door?

    Maybe, once again, we are being lied to. Just maybe. Humor me if you will...

    BRICS is a global competitor to the current banking scheme, which our country's economy is a major participator. Never before, as far as I can tell, has such a challenge been issued to the current global banking scheme.
    [link to] <-- Wikipedia BRICS

    Mexico and South Korea are 13th and 15th in terms of GDP, behind the BRICS and G7 countries. BRICS is looking for growing economies to add to their alliance, and Mexico's GDP is growing at a rate of 5% each year. BRICS already "has" Brazil, and there is talk of including Argentina.
    [link to] <-- Argentina invited to BRICS summit

    With Brazil and Argentina on BRICS "side," Mexico might want to switch sides, especially if conditions get better on Mexico's southern border. Looking at the GDP rankings, on the world stage, Mexico is a good looking investment for a group like BRICS who is actively trying to unseat the dollar as the world's reserve currency. With Mexico's high GDP, they could be afforded much more respect on the world stage if they weren't dominated by the US.

    By the way, South Korea just made an agreement to trade directly with China, as opposed to using the dollar:
    [link to] <-- South Korea makes deal with China to use different currency

    Back to Mexico. "We," as a bank, cannot allow Mexico to fall to the "other" side. Want to know how long we've seen this coming? NAFTA was created in 1994, joining Canada, the US, and Mexico into our own trading bloc. I'm thinking, MAYBE, our government is allowing that border to "dissolve," we will absorb Mexico, and become a unified North America. BRICS is WHY we "have" to do it!
    [link to] <-- General Petraeus says "after America, comes North America"

    Not only are we worried about the potential of BRICS economically, but we also are dealing with the possibility of a military conflict as a result of the threats to our banking scheme. The Middle East is blowing up again, we just can't seem to get along with Russia regarding Ukraine, our government can't get their story straight on anything! Anyways, Mexico could start to get influenced by BRICS. If I was the leader of an emerging economy and I had a choice between the dollar and another banking system, I might seriously consider an alternate banking system. One that isn't reliant on how quickly the money can be printed, but based on the work and output of the country as a whole.

    If Mexico were to switch sides, we would REALLY have to secure our border. Instead of having all that nasty military in our country, where we might have to actually SEE this stuff going on, we could open our Mexican border, and secure Mexico's southern border. If we were lucky, we could "influence" and secure everything all the way down to the Panama canal!

    However, we really need to be on Mexico's "good" side. Treating them like they are our southern third world neighbors doesn't really influence Mexican public opinion I'm sure. For some reason though, once again, our government won't tell us the truth about things. They turn a blind eye to the border and tell us that it is an "opportunity, not a crisis" and to just deal with things the way they are, without telling us why we are constantly getting screwed. Why we feel the need to cozy up to Mexico, and how we truly are on the brink of WWIII.
    [link to] <-- Nancy Pelosi says something stupid

    Want to know how I know how close we are? Not one of the major news networks ever mention anything financially regarding BRICS, and how BRICS is openly persuading the world to ditch the dollar. In reality, wouldn't that be major, pertinent news that people might want to know? Yet somehow the stock markets have never done better?

    What the hell do I know? I didn't go to college."

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    Quote Originally Posted by walter View Post
    How do you make 4 million babies in a day?
    I dont know how...

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    Quote Originally Posted by edward222 View Post
    I dont know how...
    As Obama how he did it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by walter View Post
    As Obama how he did it.
    Gosh, its too much.

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