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Thread: Exactly what does the IRS agent think?

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    When the wisdom gets imparted or impaired ? When our strength compliments us the compassion for a weaknesses sustains us. Its a small justice Just /us gringo

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    evolving devolvements

    The debt scavenger most reliably goes silent in the face of a proper Refusal for Cause.

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    Notice how there is no return address anywhere, making a proper R4C difficult to the novice at redemption.

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    This suitor knows who to notify, his Refusal for Cause:

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    It is always the municipal office in charge, as the judiciary is a farce. STEWART, not KAHN.
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    W-4 Changes

    One suitor has received, or rather his employer has, a Lock-In Letter demanding a certain amount of withholdings.

    This is inconsequential as the money will be refunded pursuant to law. The suitor led me to an interesting link:

    Withholdings 2020.

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    On the W-4 front;

    The IRS waited until 12/4 to supply us with the new W-4 Form for 2021. They prepared us with a draft though:

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    Last year, for 2019, the W-4 Form was obscured about conditions for writing in "EXEMPT".

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    To be clear about the attached returns, the suitor filed 130 days ago, both state and federal but did not put any demand on the state (CA) return. Line 58. So the IRS went silent and sent in the state, returning a $500 refund instead of the withholdings of over $7K. The $500 refund is refused for cause.

    For the full explanation - stay tuned to this thread. Or check into my Lesson Plan ($2K) if you need some guidance. There is no need to involve your employer at all. Any IRS agent can call your employer and start a fight without any paper at all - a fight that will get you fired. Nasty business! If the IRS compels withholdings just consider it a savings account until you can file your return.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lorne View Post
    To follow up on this, I filed my TY2019 lawful money tax return on paper and left the question at the top of Schedule 1 blank:
    At any time during 2019, did you receive, sell, send, exchange, or otherwise acquire any financial interest in any virtual currency?

    Didn't answer it at all and yet I did receive my tax refund as requested. So it appears answering that question was voluntary after all, and TurboTax just decided to make the answer required when it really isn't.

    That is great! I am copying this over to What Does the IRS Agent Really Think?

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    Here is a form for people who were redeeming but filed as endorser. Frivolous Return Program law.

    An untimely claim for a refund/abatement on a non-frivolous Form 843 is received.

    Note: To be considered timely, taxpayer must file a claim for a refund on Form 843 within 3 years from the time a return associated with the penalty is filed or 2 years from the date the penalty was paid, whichever period expires later.
    Here is the link at the IRS.
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